'Justice' Trailer: Nicolas Cage Learns About the Dangers of Vigilantism

nicolas cage seeking justice movie trailer

Can you believe it's been almost seven months since a movie starring Nicolas Cage was released? He'll be back in theaters next month with Trespass and has another gritty thriller - Justice (a.k.a. Seeking Justice or The Hungry Rabbit Jumps) - due to arrive in theaters sometime in the near future.

An international trailer has been released for Justice, a vigilante thriller that was directed by Roger Donaldson (Species, Dante's Peak, The Bank Job). Does the film look like a memorable addition to the long list of action-dramas about everyday people taking the law into their own hands?

Justice actually presents an interesting spin on the average "ordinary citizen fights crime" storyline - by having Cage's character, Nick Gerard, not be the one who actually hunts down the man who brutally attacked his wife, Laura (Mad Men's January Jones). Instead, Nick strikes a Faustian deal with a mysterious man (Guy Pearce) who claims he is a member of an organized vigilante group - one that aims to clean up its crime-ridden city, without being constricted by the law.

However, Nick soon learns that personal revenge is a messy business - and when he refuses to get his own hands dirty, in return for the group's services, things take a turn for the deadly.

For more, watch the international Justice trailer (via The Sun) below:


Cage looks to have dialed down his infamously hammy acting tendencies in Justice, which features the Oscar-winner (kind of awkwardly) playing an everyday man. On the other hand, Pearce looks to be pretty good as the intimidating "villain" of the film - one painted in shades of gray, more than anything - and it's cool to see that Jones seemingly gets to do more than just play the damsel in distress (based on the trailer's footage, which reveals that her character at least practices her skills with a gun, at some point).

The low-budgt action in Justice appears to be kind of generic in design, though the film could boast some suspenseful set pieces and chase sequences (see: the scene where Cage narrowly dodges an oncoming vehicle). So far, based on this preliminary footage, it at least looks satisfactory - if nothing else.

A scruffy James Caviezel and Michal Emerson in PErson of Interest

Between the thoughtful manner in which Christopher Nolan has tackled the issue of vigilantism in his Batman movies - and the similarly cerebral approach his brother, Jonathan, has taken with the new TV series, Person of Interest - the bar has been raised for thrillers that likewise deal with people who seek justice on their own terms.

Donaldson has delivered some smart films in the past (see: Thirteen Days) - and The Bank Job in particular could be cited as evidence that he knows how to mix brains with action. So hopefully Justice will prove to be a worthwhile addition to the vigilante thriller genre.


Justice has not yet secured an official U.S. theatrical release date. We will let you know when/if it does, in the future.

Source: The Sun

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