The Justice Society's Return Being Teased By DC Comics

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Doomsday Clock #2


The Justice Society of America was left out of DC's Rebirth, but their Watchmen sequel comic is teasing the return of their biggest heroes. The second issue of Doomsday Clock isn't the first hint that fans have gotten so far, with Geoff Johns dropping several hints at the JSA's existence - and absence - in the first comic to begin DC's Rebirth relaunch. Add in the first Flash Jay Garrick's return to the DCU, only to be torn back out since he lacked a solid connection, and it seems it's only a matter of time. That time may be rapidly approaching, and JSA fans would be wise to start reading Doomsday Clock immediately.

That's an easy assignment to give, since the arrival of the Watchmen stars in DC's universe is entertaining enough on its own (and at least one Watchmen casualty has come back to life). But the first bona fide hints at the origins of Justice Society of America members comes not in that story of heroes 'out of time,' but in the newspaper clippings at the end of each issue.

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Assuming there are JSA fans who aren't up to date on Doomsday Clock, or some who skimmed the clippings and missed the hints, allow us to explain.

Alan Scott, The Green Lantern's Origin

The first up in the backmatter of Doomsday Clock #2 is, understandably, a bit less enthralling than the corporate Bruce Wayne/Lex Luthor intrigue. Even so, a steel factory being swallowed up in a raging inferno is legitimate news. The fact that the fire was green makes it a serious clue for fans of the original Justice Society. The man named Alan Scott, better known as the first Green Lantern.

There's more than just the color of the flames, too. The factory is singled out as belonging to a company called "All-American Steel," which is an overt connection to All-American Comics, where Scott first made his superheroic debut. The origin story of Alan Scott's powers have changed over the years, since they varied greatly from the larger 'Green Lantern Corps' mythology that would come later. In the first appearances of the Starheart - the cosmic concentration of energy that became the green energy he wields - it came crashing to Earth as a meteor. That meteor was later forged into a lantern, but the first outburst of its power was in the form of green flames.

Is this a hint that the Green Lantern has been born in the fires of a crumbling steel factory? Does this mean Alan Scott has found his Green Lantern identity and forged a ring in the Rebirth universe? We'll have to wait and see. But if he has a Justice Society on his mind, he's not alone...

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