Wonder Woman is now just a few months away from release, so fans of the DC Extended Universe will be getting more and more information, new images and clips straight from the movie in the coming weeks. With that also comes a slew of exciting new promotional material for the superhero team-up Justice League, which acts as this year’s second addition to the DCEU and drops in theaters towards the end of 2017.

Though moviegoers are still eagerly waiting the second Justice League trailer (after the first premiered at San Diego Comic-Con last year), they have been treated to a number of still images over the past few weeks to get properly excited, including looks at the full team (minus Superman, of course) and Batman uniting four of the seven for a mission. Now, another photo has emerged online, giving viewers a sneak peek at a scene from the film.

Fans may not have been expecting to get a picture from behind-the-scenes of Justice League this weekend, but that’s what has happened. Director Zack Snyder gave Warner Bros. worker Ken Pejoro and in turn, the DC fan base across the globe a brand new look at Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman facing Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne. You can see that first look image below:

The picture itself doesn’t give away anything special or exciting about Justice League, but it does certainly increase excitement levels ahead of November when the film is eventually released. Seeing the DCEU’s Wonder Woman and Batman in the same image may not be as awe-inspiring as it would have been at this point last year, but for eagle-eyed fans there is a little bit of new information.

DCEU movies of the past have all been quite lengthy affairs, especially when they come to DVD and Blu-ray with extended editions, so those who are excited for yet another Zack Snyder DC marathon can rest assured Justice League will be at least two hours long. In the top left corner of the image is the time 02:09:40:16, so the frame looks to be from the latter parts of the film. We can rest assured then that both Bruce Wayne and Diana will be making it through the film without succumbing to fatal attacks; unless of course the frame is from a flashback of some sort, or something of the like.

At this stage however, it’s likely that Zack Snyder is working on the director’s cut or ‘Ultimate Edition’ of Justice League, and with the evidence we’ve had in the past of just how long those movies have been, this new frame could actually be during the middle chunk of the film.

Whilst that’s great news for everybody who enjoys Snyder’s work, he’s not without his many critics. This will be for now (until Justice League Part Two) be his final chance at impressing those who want to enjoy the DCEU while in the director’s chair, so Snyder is going to have to work harder than ever before to ensure he’s delivering a digestible, understandable story with brilliance, or he’s likely to face more negativity and bad reviews upon Justice League’s release.

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Source: Ken Pejoro

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