Justice League: Zack Snyder Publicly Thanks Snyder Cut Fans

Zack Snyder thanks fans for raising money for suicide prevention, including the money to fly a "Release The Snyder Cut" banner over WB offices.

Zack Snyder has officially recognized the Release the Snyder Cut movement after a charity campaign to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention reached its goal, resulting in a plane flying a "Release the Snyder Cut" banner over Warner Bros. Burbank offices. The original Justice League director still has an office on the Burbank lot, so he was also able to include a video of the plane and banner in his post on the social network, Vero.

After James Gunn fans recently paid for a billboard to advertise the movement to rehire James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Zack Snyder fans decided to run a similar campaign but added a matching donation for the AFSP, an organization for which Snyder Cut fans previously raised money in honor of Snyder's daughter, Autumn, who he lost to Suicide during the production of Justice League. The last fundraiser resulted in at least $1,500 publicly donated to the AFSP (additional donations weren't disclosed). The new fundraiser raised nearly $900, matching the cost of the flyover of with the "Release the Snyder Cut" banner.

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Justice League hit theaters just over a year ago (the flyover takes place 2 days after the movie's anniversary), but without any DCEU releases in the interim, there's been a lot of focus on the problems with Justice League, including numerous reveals of what was cut or changed from Snyder's original version, fueling the campaign for Warner Bros. to finish and release the original version of the movie.

It's been reported that Warner Bros. currently has no intention of releasing an alternate version of Justice League, which bombed at the box office as the lowest grossing DCEU movie yet, but with mounting evidence of both the severity of the changes, and the fact that there was significant work completed in post-production, the call for a Snyder Cut has persisted.

Snyder himself has let out a steady trickle of behind the scenes images, storyboards, and other tidbits for his many fans, who constantly bombard him on social media for information about his DC movies (particularly Justice League), and ask about information about the Snyder Cut, but this is the most overt acknowledgment of the movement he's made thus far.

When online discourse in the movie and comic book community online, particularly around this topic, can often get heated, it's always encouraging to see fans targeting their energy towards something positive like this fundraiser, and hopefully serve as encouragement for others to do the same.

Whether or not the Snyder Cut is released in the immediate future, other movies like the Donner Cut of Superman II or Ridley Scott's Blade Runner (The Final Cut) took years to be completed and released, and they certainly didn't benefit from the kind of engaged community social media has allowed for the Justice League Snyder Cut.

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