Zack Snyder's Latest Justice League Photos: Batman Wields A Trident

A new batch of behind-the-scenes images for Justice League has arrived, showing the cast having fun with director Zack Snyder. As a creator, Snyder has always been contentious. He has his detractors, but also his die-hard supporters. Given that, the production for Justice League has been an especially interesting process. We've heard about things being reworked to counteract the darker tone of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and those claims only intensified after the runaway success of Wonder Woman earlier this year. That film's lighter tone made many wonder if Snyder would soften his approach when it comes to Justice League, and that's before Joss Whedon came aboard.

We may never know the extent that Justice League was changed in the wake of Wonder Woman or the hiring of Whedon, but it's clear the film is very much Snyder's. Not only will the auteur be getting sole directing credit, but the stars of Justice League have assured fans that Snyder's imprint is all over the movie. And though the director had to bow out during post-production, he's still very much involved in the marketing of Justice League.

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Making good on his promise to promote Justice League in the run-up to its release, Snyder has continued to post new behind-the-scenes images to his Vero account. The latest round of photos spotlight the director working with each of the five core cast members, with the fun of the experience clearing showing through.

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Nothing major is revealed in the new shots of Aquaman, The Flash, or Wonder Woman, but fans will certainly enjoy the image of Batman. Standing in front of the Batmobile, the Dark Knight wields Aquaman's signature trident. Likely, this was just the result of everyone having fun on the set. Then again, it's not hard to imagine a scene in the film where Batman gives the weapon a try.

The photo of Ray Fisher and Snyder, meanwhile, is also intriguing. Though the actor and director could simply be walking through a set, it's rather odd to see the pre-Cyborg Victor Stone amidst what looks to be a raid of some sort by a military outfit. Even stranger, but their uniforms appear to be far from modern. We recently saw a shot of Fisher in his Vic Stone clothes overseeing some shooting with Snyder, so this could be a continuation of that. But perhaps there's something more to the recent connection we saw teased between Wonder Woman and Cyborg in Justice League.

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Source: Zack Snyder's Vero

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Justice League: Zack Snyder Supports HIS Batman With New Image

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