Zack Snyder Won't Be Doing Press for Justice League

Zack Snyder has reportedly elected to not partake in press for the  Justice League. A few months ago, Snyder announced that he had stepped down from directing DC's team up following the tragic death of his daughter. Ever since this decision was made, many continued to wonder what his role would be with the film moving forward, and for that matter, how or if he would continue working within the DCEU.

While he remains involved in Justice League behind the scenes, he will reportedly have a diminished role with the DCEU moving forward, and raised the eyebrows of some when he removed all Justice League related branding from his social media pages. Now, following rumblings of a possible return, it has been confirmed that he won't be doing press for the film either.

SuperBroMovies reached out to Zack Snyder's publicist to see if he was going to come back to the project in some capacity and do any promotional stuff in the process. His publicist made it clear that he will continue to stay away from the project and the public by not doing press.

Zack will not be doing any press for Justice League, but thank you for asking.

This should not be viewed as another reason to believe Joss Whedon (the film's new director) has completely overhauled the film Snyder previously made. This was likely a decision Zack made on his own, possibly because he is still grieving and is not ready to publicly talk about the circumstances that led to this decision. If he was up for it, it would be surprising to know Warner Bros. is not allowing him to help promote the film through interviews and what not.

While he may be distancing himself even farther from the film now, he will more than likely still continue to support the film when possible. He's continued to share images from his various DC ventures since leaving and will probably still share some promo materials and his reaction to the film come November.

However, his support of Justice League is not the most important thing here. He just announced that he's made a short film, so he's still staying busy in these tough times. Once the promotional tour stars, however, it will not be without mentions of Snyder. The cast, Whedon, and the higher ups at WB and DC will continue to be asked about the director switch and their relationship with Snyder. Even though many will want to discuss how the film changed, hopefully, most of the conversations surround Snyder upon the release are about he and his family's well-being.

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Source: SuperBroMovies

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