Justice League: Zack Snyder Confirms Flash Saved The League With Time Travel

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Zack Snyder's original ending for Justice League included Barry Allen (aka Flash, played by Ezra Miller) using time travel to save the League. Warner Bros. may have released a Justice League movie in theaters in November of 2017, but it was not the film that Snyder intended it to be. Massive reshoots at the hands of Joss Whedon overhauled the look, tone, and plot of Justice League after Snyder left the project. Despite all of these changes, information on the original director's vision has continued to surface.

One of the characters most affected negatively by the different cuts is Victor Stone (aka Cyborg, played by Ray Fisher). He was previously said to be the heart of the movie in Snyder's story, and there is a fair amount of evidence that shows just how much of Cyborg's journey was left on the cutting room floor. He did prove to have an important role in the ending of the theatrical cut, as it was Cyborg who was tasked with stopping the Unity of the three Mother Boxes, which would've terraformed the Earth.

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Snyder took to the social media app Vero to share a new scene from the Snyder Cut of Justice League that features Cyborg looking at another version of himself standing alongside his parents. Following the release of the image, fans quickly began asking Snyder where this scene fit within the larger story of the Snyder Cut. He revealed that Flash has to travel back in time to give Victor another chance to stop the Unity after first failing and uses the speed force to project Cyborg inside one of the Mother Boxes. Snyder confirmed that only Cyborg can stop the Unity from the inside and that this scene is accompanied by the Mother Box using Victor's parents to say, "My poor broken boy, I can make you whole again Victor."

The theatrical cut of Justice League doesn't give audiences an inside view of what Cyborg is dealing with in trying to stop the Unity, so this could've been a cool way to do just that. It is also important to remember just how tempting it could be for Cyborg to fall to these temptations of the Mother Box, as both of his parents would be dead at this point in the Snyder Cut. This could be the scene that Fisher previously said "was really special to shoot." His mother died long ago, but his father was initially set to die much earlier on in the film.

Giving Cyborg the chance to reunite with his family and ignoring it to save the world at large makes Snyder's plans for him to be the heart of Justice League all the more evident. This sequence could even be connected to the flurry of deleted scenes that surfaced online shortly after the movie hit theaters. It's a shame that all of this didn't make it into the final product and will instead only amplify interest in wanting to see the Snyder Cut in some form. With more details coming out all the time - such as the first look at his young Darkseid - most of his plans have been revealed so far. That said, many will not be satisfied until a new cut of Justice League is released.

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