Fan Makes Visual Representation of Zack Snyder's Darkseid Storyboard

Zack Snyder's Darkseid storyboard for Justice League is brought to life in a fan-created video. Warner Bros.' first superhero ensemble flick didn't pan out exactly how they hoped it would. Marred by several problems even before production kicked off, the movie was scrutinized at every turn and ultimately performed underwhelmingly at the box office. Now it is already out in digital HD, revealing several cutscenes, so fans have once again started dissecting all the film's "what ifs."

One of Snyder's storyboards confirms he intended to debut Darkseid in Justice  League tied-in to Batman's Knightmare scene in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Clearly, this has piqued the interest of people as it would've provided insight into the future of the DC Films universe, but since it didn't make the final cut, some fans took it upon themselves to bring Snyder's idea into fruition.

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Courtesy of Reddit user leanstainedtee, Snyder's storyboard was brought to life by melding clips from the Justice League's Cyborg Motherbox bit, Batman v Superman's Batman Knightmare scene and Darkseid from the DC video game Injustice: Gods Among Us. Editing isn't really that seamless, but with what the creator was given, they did a decent job in recreating the director's vision. Check out the video below:

FAN-MADE: Visual Representation of Zack Snyder’s Leaked Darkseid Storyboard from r/DC_Cinematic

We don't know if Snyder properly filmed the aforementioned sequence or not. There has been clamor about the release of the so-called Snyder Cut since the film came out and it was pretty clear which scenes were filmed by Snyder, and which ones were shot by reshoot-helmer, Joss Whedon. But considering that the former does storyboards for the scenes he intends to shoot and he finished the movie's principal photography, there is a good chance that this was supposed to be part of his Justice League. However, given Darkseid being CGI-heavy, it's also possible that it was never fully done during post-production, which Snyder wasn't involved in at all.

Needless to say, the addition of that small moment in the film would drastically change how we view Justice League and the bigger franchise it belongs to. It would've continued the narrative thread that Snyder was going for in Batman v Superman's Knightmare scene and would've setup Justice League 2. Instead, we got a post-credits scene that seemingly sets up the Legion of Doom, a cool concept but something that feels a bit rushed and inorganic compared to just moving along with Snyder's original plan. With recent news that Snyder was actually fired from the project before his exit, it's curious if Warner Bros. has any plans to flesh out the narrative plot points he had setup or just completely abandon them and go a different route.

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Source:  leanstainedtee

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