Original Justice League Cut Theory Supported By Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder has given the thumbs up to a new theory which states that his original cut of Justice League is far closer to being finished than most fans think. As you’ve probably heard by now, Snyder was forced to step down as director during post-production on the film due to a personal tragedy. Joss Whedon was then tapped by Warner Bros. to take over, overseeing an extensive series of reshoots that resulted in sweeping changes being made to Snyder’s vision for DC's big team-up movie.

Following the film's underwhelming critical and commercial reception, Snyder loyalists rose up and demanded that Warner Bros. release a director's cut of the film. Thus began the infamous Snyder Cut movement, which spawned several fan petitions and even an official website. The odds of a Snyder Cut ever seeing the light of day have never seemed very high, namely because the director stepped away from Justice League nearly six months before it hit theaters. There's no way that his version of the movie could possibly exist in a relevant form that far out from its release date, right? Right?!

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Earlier this week, Screen Rant's own Stephen Colbert wrote an editorial detailing all the evidence we have that a near-complete Snyder Cut may indeed exist. Much of that evidence came straight from Snyder, who had posted various behind-the-scenes glimpses on social media throughout his time on Justice League. Cumulatively, those posts strongly indicate that the filmmaker was much further along in the post-production process than we previously thought. The article was eventually reposted on Vero, where it snagged a particularly noteworthy like from Snyder himself.

Well that's neat.

— ☕Stephen M. Colbert (@smcolbert) January 30, 2018

While this is a far cry from any sort of official confirmation that the Snyder Cut exists, it's definitely a nice feather in the cap for fans that have remained steadfast in their support for the director. That said, it would certainly be an odd move by Snyder to like a post theorizing that he was in the final stages of assembling his Justice League cut if that flat-out was not the case.

In the months since its release, Snyder has remained elusive about his opinions of the theatrical version of Justice League. He hasn't provided any official statement on the existence of his director's cut, either, though he did like another Vero post about the Snyder Cut movement. (The original petition now has over 170,000 likes, by the way.)

What do you think? Does this cement the existence of a near-complete Snyder Cut in your mind? Are we reading too far into a simple social media like? Sound off in the comments.

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