Justice League Darkseid Actor Teases Darkseid Voice in Support of Snyder Cut

Justice League's cut Darkseid actor Ray Porter teases his Darkseid voice in a new clip supporting the call to release Zack Synder's cut of the movie.

Justice League's cut Darkseid actor Ray Porter gives us a taste of his villainous voice in a new clip supporting the Snyder Cut. Zack Snyder originally hired Ray Porter to play the Lord of Apokolips in his version of Justice League before he had to leave the project in the wake of a family tragedy and Warner Bros. brought in Joss Whedon to drastically reshape Snyder's original vision for the movie, including the removal of Darkseid, and Ray Porter, entirely.

In the months since the release of Justice League, it's become clear that the Snyder Cut exists in a mostly complete capacity and it was drastically different than Whedon's theatrical cut. Zack Snyder's version of Justice League is 3 1/2 hours long, which means, when accounting for Joss Whedon's reshoots in the theatrical cut, there's as much as at least two hours (as much as the total runtime of the theatrical cut) of brand new Zack Snyder footage featuring additional characters, reshaped character arcs, different story beats, and more.

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The campaign to release the Snyder Cut has persisted, gaining steam as more reveals are made, and now they're taking a massive advertising campaign to San Diego Comic-Con in July. A Go FundMe campaign has already raised over $23,000, of which at least $11,500 will go to the Association For Suicide Prevention (as they have with several other fundraisers) in honor of Snyder's daughter, Autumn, who died by Suicide during Justice League's production.

Now, Porter has lent his voice to the Snyder Cut campaign in a short video, teasing what could be his Darkseid voice (although, as he points out on Twitter, minus any effects, reverb, or EQ) and promoting Snyder Cut's Project Comic-Con. In the short clip, included in a much longer Snyder Cut video posted by one of the campaign organizers, Will Rowlands, Porter simply says "Project Comic-Con" before leaning into his Darkseid voice to say "release the-" at which point he coughs and finishes in his normal voice "sorry, release the Snyder Cut."

Porter, who will be attending Comic-Con with the Snyder Cut's Project Comic-Con team told Screen Rant on several occasions that he has no intention of violating his NDA, although we have previously confirmed with sources close to Justice League's production that he did complete motion capture, face capture, and ADR for the role of Darkseid.

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Cyborg actor Ray Fisher has also gone on the record recently to affirm that he would release the Snyder Cut himself if he had the power, joining Jason Momoa and some other members of the film's cast such as Snyder's go-to storyboard artist, Jay Oliva, in supporting the call for the Snyder Cut. As for Snyder himself, he's simply said he has a cut, it's up to Warner Bros. to release it, as he continues to release information and images, including a recent shot of Uxas (pre-Omega Effect Darkseid) from Justice League's history lesson, where he was originally supposed to lead the attack (including a confrontation with Ares) before changes late in production swapped him out for Steppenwolf.

While there is a cost associated in completing the Snyder Cut's VFX, sound mixing, and other post-production polish, Snyder completed 100% of principal photography and was deep into post-production when he left. As Jay Oliva recently stated, some post-production work is started even before the cameras begin rolling, so with so much of the cut already complete, and more actors and crew joining fans to call for its release, saying the ball is in Warner Bros. court would be putting it lightly.

Warner Bros. previously stated they don't have any plans to release the Snyder Cut, but it's evident the cries for its release aren't going away. With significant shifts in Warner Bros. leadership including friends of Snyder like James Gunn and J.J. Abrams joining Warner Bros. ranks, the winds may blow favorably for Snyder and fans that want to see his cut.

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Source: Will Rowlands

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