[EXCLUSIVE] Justice League Snyder Cut Score Is Done Confirms Junkie XL

EXCLUSIVE: Junkie XL confirms his original score for Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League is complete, but when will we be able to hear it?

Over the past two years, it's become clear the Snyder Cut of Justice League is more complete than many of its detractors have suggested, and that includes Tom Holkenborg AKA Junkie XL's score. Holkenborg was replaced by Danny Elfman for the version of the movie audiences saw in theaters, marking one of the more criticized departures from Snyder's original vision for the film.

Zack Snyder completed principal photography and several months of post-production on Justice League before leaving the project in the wake of a family tragedy. While Warner Bros. initially promised his replacement, Joss Whedon, would simply be completing Snyder's original vision, the final product was clearly a drastic departure and fans have been campaigning for Snyder's original version of the movie, Junkie XL score included, ever since.

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While the debate has waged over whether or not the Snyder Cut even exists, information has steadily trickled out proving it was both a very different movie and had reached a significant level of completion before Snyder's exit. Some estimates have said it could cost tens of millions of dollars to get it theater-ready, but now we know the movie's original score isn't a factor in that cost.

In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Junkie XL confirmed his Justice League score was completed before he left the project.

At Screen Rant, we are obsessed with the Justice League "Zack Snyder Cut..." If you know what I'm getting at.

Tom Holkenborg: Of course!

Is that music off-limits to you? You did the score for the movie before it was changed, and I'm sure you're really proud of it, would love to put it out somewhere, somehow. Can you do that?

Tom Holkenborg: Well, I definitely could, but I won't. The full score is still there. It's a really great score, and it's just there. It never goes away. We'll see what happens in the future, you know?

So, uh... Do you think we're ever gonna get to hear it? (Laughs)

Tom Holkenborg: I have no comment on that. But I'm just saying, it's there. The full tracks.

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Holkenborg's last comments on the status of his score were before he even left the project, at which point he indicated he hadn't started work on it yet, but it's clear now that "the full tracks" exist. This is a major hurdle the release of the Snyder Cut doesn't need to worry about. While it'll still need to be mixed to Snyder's edit of the film, the fact that Holkenborg doesn't need to return to the score is great news for Snyder's fans.

While fans would certainly love for that score to be released, it's doubtful Warner Bros. will release anything so directly related to the Snyder Cut independent of the cut itself, so they'll have to be patient for a while longer, but that doesn't make this news any less exciting for those hoping for the launch of the film. As Snyder has confirmed, the movie exists, the rest is up to Warner Bros.

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