Zack Snyder Reveals New Image Of Flash From His Justice League [Updated]

UPDATE: Clay Enos confirmed on Vero that Zack Snyder's Justice League photo of The Flash was taken on the set of Fantastic Beasts and was a costume test. The article below has been left as originally published.


Justice League director Zack Snyder reveals a new image of The Flash (Ezra Miller) in what appears to be the original, Snyder Cut ending, which was replaced with footage from Joss Whedon's reshoots. Warner Bros. and DC Films' Justice League had a notoriously tumultuous production process, with original director Snyder departing the film after principal photography, with the studio bringing in Whedon for reshoots. The end result was a movie that felt like a Frankenstein job of both directors' styles and sensibilities. Justice League went on to score the lowest box office of the unofficially titled DC Extended Universe franchise, and seemingly caused Warner Bros. and DC to alter course.

Since Justice League, the DCEU has bounced back with James Wan's Aquaman, which earned over $1 billion at the worldwide box office, solidifying it as a success for the studio. However, fans of Snyder and these DC characters remain dedicated to the idea of a Justice League Snyder Cut, which would give viewers an idea of the director's original vision that was eventually changed by the studio and Whedon's reshoots until it became the film released in theaters. Warner Bros. has denied rumors that a Snyder Cut will be released, but fans hold out hope, especially as the director continues to release new still images from his vision.

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In a new Vero post promoting the AFSP suicide prevention campaign, Snyder unveiled a new image of The Flash in Justice League. The image, which can be viewed below, features Miller's Barry Allen in his superhero suit standing atop a pile of rubble, with a destroyed building in the background. Take a look at Snyder's post and the Flash image:

There's some debate among Justice League fans about whether the image is from Snyder's original Justice League ending or a costume test. After all, the Flash symbol on Miller's chest in this new photo is different from the lightning bolt that's part of the suit in the final movie. And the original symbol looks like the one Wally West wears in the comics, perhaps explaining why the suit was changed. It's possible this still image is from footage Snyder shot for his Justice League ending and the suit was changed during production, but after this portion was filmed. Snyder could have planned to go back and reshoot it during his own Justice League reshoots, before Whedon took over. It's also possible footage with this Flash suit is used in the final Justice League cut, but the symbol was digitally altered in post-production to maintain continuity with the final costume design.

If what we're looking at truly is an image from the Justice League Snyder Cut, it could be one of our first looks at his original third act. Based on what we've deduced from reports, interviews and the movie itself, much of the Justice League finale was reshot by Whedon, meaning fans have seen very little from what Snyder originally envisioned for the third act. Of course, whether this latest image hints that the director is continuing to work on his own Justice League Snyder Cut without Warner Bros. is up for debate. The Snyder Cut is arguably the most-discussed aspect of Justice League, and continues to be talked about even more than a year following the film's initial release. If Warner Bros. and/or Snyder ever do release such a cut of Justice League, there will no doubt be plenty of folks interested to see it. Certainly, this image of The Flash previews a version of Justice League with Snyder's signature style that could be stunning to look at.

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Source: Zack Snyder/Vero

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