Why Everybody Involved In Justice League Is Hyping The Snyder Cut

The Snyder Cut of Justice League just had one of its biggest news weeks in the two years since its release, thanks to a confluence of random and seemingly not so random events. After surviving two-years of public scrutiny, the Snyder Cut of Justice League is still a hot topic and growing evidence that Snyder's Cut exists and is more complete than many of its detractors think, and people are starting to ask questions.

Thanks to Apple TV+'s SeeZombieland: Double Tap, and Terminator: Dark Fate all releasing around a similar time, Jason Momoa, Jesse Eisenberg, and composer Junkie XL all happened to be doing interviews and all got asked about the Snyder Cut, each providing a bit of information to grab people's attention, from Jason Momoa reiterating that he's seen the cut and it's drastically different to Junkie XL confirming his Justice League score was done.

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In the wake of this buzz, additional crew from VFX supervisors to the aerial second unit director began to chime in, joining a long list supporters from the production. At this point, there's little question that a significant amount of the movie is complete and it has strong support from many members of the cast and crew; however, this doesn't account for the intensity of the more recent buzz, and many people are wondering if there's some kind of development behind the scenes bringing the Snyder Cut closer to a reality.

On Friday, Zack Snyder posted an image from his cut of Justice League as he's been known to do from time to time, triggering a campaign from his fans on Twitter, who began using the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut hashtag to express their desire to see the movie. The hashtag caught on a little more than it usually does as more people joined in, showing their support, asking questions, expressing thoughts in the situation, or even stating an opposition to the Snyder Cut, but every mention only served to snowball the hashtag even more.

It was at this point Jason Momoa decided to weigh in, revealing another missing shot from the movie, filling in another component of the original battle against Steppenwolf in the movie's third act, which had the effect of pouring gasoline on a fire, driving the use of the trending #ReleaseTheSnyderCut hashtag to well over 80,000, good enough to land it in the top 10 trends worldwide.

Then, on Saturday, Justice League artist Jay Oliva tweeted an epic storyboard of Superman punching Steppenwolf (completing a sequence of pictures revealing his demise at the hands of Wonder Woman), and later in the day Cyborg actor Ray Fisher also posted an image of pre-Cyborg Victor Stone sitting outside a school office listening to his mother, Elanor Stone (Karen Bryson), chew out the Dean for calling her "Mrs. Stone" instead of "Dr. Stone" and praising the Stone family's representation with the hashtag #educatedcharactersofcolor. Snyder always said Ray Fisher's Cyborg was the heart of the movie, and this is a side of his story we've never seen, showing again just how extensively the movie was changed.

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Altogether, it's understandable that anyone paying attention would start to connect some dots, especially considering this crescendo appears to be happening as we're quickly approaching the second anniversary of Justice League's theatrical release. If the cut is significantly complete and Snyder and the cast and crew are actively stoking the flames of fan excitement, does that mean there's payoff on the horizon? Of course, Snyder and others have posted plenty of teases over the months, but anyone paying attention would agree this feels more pointed, if not coordinated.

Of course, while fan speculation is sure to run wild, any details from meetings that may or may not be happening between Warner Bros. and Snyder's agents would be closely guarded secrets, and if talks are happening and result in a successful agreement between the original Justice League director and Warner Bros., we won't know until WB and Snyder issue a press release confirming some kind of agreement to appease Snyder and his passionate fans, at which point, there would surely be a fascinating story to tell about how such an agreement could be reached.

With a week remaining until the November 17th anniversary, Twitter users should expect to see quite a bit of the now-famous hashtag. And, of course, if some of the cast already posted images this weekend, is there anything left in store for the anniversary, or will this burst of activity from Momoa and the like be all we hear from them for a while? Until that time, only three things are certain: death, taxes, and #ReleaseTheSnyderCut tweets.

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