Justice League: Wonder Woman 'Understands The Enemy'

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman Diana Prince in Justice League

Gal Gadot says Wonder Woman has a unique understanding of the enemy in Justice League. As the much-anticipated DC team-up film rapidly approaches its November release date, the cast has begun talking about how their characters factor into the story, where it appears Wonder Woman will have evolved from her naive depiction in Wonder Woman and loner depiction in Batman v Superman be something of a wise elder to her teammates.

Justice League finds Earth under siege by Steppenwolf, a lieutenant of the godlike Darkseid, the Lord of Apokolips who believes Earth is ripe for the conquering in the wake of Superman's death at the end of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Batman and Wonder Woman assemble a team that includes Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash to take on Steppenwolf as Earth's last line of defense.

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Gal Gadot's Diana Prince got the DC spotlight in a big way via this summer's smash hit Wonder Woman, and she figures to be a pivotal character in Justice League. In an interview with Us Weekly, Gadot suggests Wonder Woman not only will be wiser due to having lived a century since the events of her solo film, but that she's also familiar with the incoming threat to Earth

Us Weekly: How have your characters changed since we last saw them?

Gal Gadot: She’s grown up — it’s been a century, after all! She’ll bring her specific qualities to a group dynamic, and she understands the enemy better than anyone else.

It's possible Gadot is simply saying she understands any enemy better than her allies by virtue of having lived for so long, but the suggestion that Diana might understand Steppenwolf better than the other leaguers is in line with long-simmering rumors that the film will feature a flashback to an earlier invasion attempt that was thwarted by the Amazons and Atlanteans.

It also lends credence to the idea of the DC Universe introducing the New Gods, which Steppenwolf is in the comics. While Wonder Woman's history lesson dealt with the Gods of Olympus and not the New Gods specifically, it only stands to reason that she would have a better grasp of the more supernatural realm, having defeated Ares at the end of her solo film.

Regardless, Gadot's Wonder Woman figures to be arguably the most crucial aspect of Justice League. After the financially successful but critically panned Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman was DC Films' first unqualified victory, and Gadot became a major star virtually overnight. The future of the rest of DC's trinity seems precarious; Matthew Vaughn has admitted he has had discussions about helming a Man of Steel sequel, but there are no known concrete plans for Henry Cavill's Superman post-Justice League. And while Matt Reeves is prepping his solo Batman film, Ben Affleck's future as the Caped Crusader is still hazy. If the DCEU is going to continue to thrive, it's likely going to be on the back of Gadot's Wonder Woman for a while.

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Source: Us Weekly

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