Wonder Woman Battles Steppenwolf in Justice League Scene Description

The first clip released from Justice League shows Wonder Woman facing off against the movie's big bad: Steppenwolf.

Fans know that Batman will be "Uniting the Five" (?) to take on the intergalactic threat posed by Steppenwolf, but the first scene unveiled from the film puts Diana Prince right at the center of the action. Hot off the heels of Wonder Woman's spectacular solo movie, it is no surprise that Justice League's marketing campaign is focussing on the superpowered heroine.

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Premiering on Spanish TV show Un Nuevo Día, the clip (which has now been pulled offline by Warner Bros. Pictures) showed a colossal showdown between Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman and Ciarán Hinds's Steppenwolf. The clips started with Steppenwolf mocking Diana's god-like abilities before the battle really kicks off. He turns to her and says:

"So, you have the blood of the old gods in you...The Gods died."

An enraged Diana then shows off her impressive strength and faces the League's enemy one-on-one as Flash, Batman, and Cyborg are left to battle Parademons. There is no sign of Jason Momoa's Aquaman in the clip, so who knows where the King of Atlantis is at that point, but at least Jeremy Irons' Alfred gets a cameo too. Steppenwolf and Wonder Woman have battled on the pages of comics, but don't expect it to end quite as brutally for Diana this time around.

While not much is known about Steppenwolf's plan thanks to the mystery surrounding Justice League, fans do know it has something to do with gathering the three Mother Boxes. While the alien weaponry didn't appear in this clip, it is expected that this is what brings Darkseid's general to Earth. Interestingly, the scene seems to take place in the Gotham City ventilation tower, some time after J.K. Simmons' Commissioner Gordon warns the team that there is a nest of Parademons there. This presumably won't be the final showdown with Steppenwolf, and will probably serve as some sort of mid-movie action sequence.

There have been several teasers and merchandise images to go off for Steppenwolf, the clip gave the best look at the horned villain yet. The scene also gave Ray Fisher time to shine as Cyborg, thanks to his last-minute arrival to rescue Batman's damaged Nightcrawler. Moreover, it showed how hard the League will have to work together to take down Steppenwolf and his army of winged monsters.

Marking the first time that DC's most iconic heroes have made it onto the silver screen together, Justice League hopes to become the next big hit for DC's cinematic universe. The first clip suggests Justice League will, at the least, be an action-packed superhero adventure for everyone to enjoy - and that Hinds' villain will be a worthy adversary for the superhero superstars.

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