Zack Snyder Reveals Watchmen Easter Egg In Justice League

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Ahead of Justice League's home release, director Zack Snyder reveals a deleted scene that contains a whopper of a Watchmen Easter egg.

With the Watchmen and the League coming in the comics thanks to the Doomsday Clock comic event - and as the man behind both Justice League and Watchmen - there was always the likelihood that Snyder would try and cross the two worlds over somehow. However, while Night Owl didn't come to Batman's aid and Doctor Manhattan wasn't hiding in a Russian nuclear reactor, Snyder at least managed to allude to the two teams sharing the same universe.

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Snyder's Vero account continues to be a treasure trove of cinematic treats, and after confirming a Robin Easter egg from Batman V Superman and a "striking" resemblance to The Dark Knight Returns, he has now treated his followers to a Watchmen cameo (of sorts) in Justice League. The image shows Barry Allen, aka the Flash, wearing a Watchmen-inspired t-shirt. Take a look at a screenshot of Snyder's Vero post below:

With the caption, “This guy and the t-shirt.” Snyder draws attention to Allen's civilian clothing. For those who don't know, it shows an homage to Watchmen spin-off Tales of the Black Freighter. The story itself is a magazine, set within the Watchmen world, as its own comic book read by some of the main characters. So, if Allen has been reading Tales, there is every chance someone like The Comedian once picked up a copy, too.

Little Easter eggs will never be enough to redeem Justice League's box office failure or critical panning, but it once again proves how Snyder is so invested in his comic book movies. The director was forced to step down from Justice League due to family issues, which famously lead to the "Whedon Cut." It is unknown who left the Allen scene on the cutting room floor or why, but apart from adding more backstory to the comedic character of Allen, it would've been a faithful nod to those who have stuck with Snyder's work over the years.

Although Tales of the Black Freighter never made it into the theatrical cut of Watchmen, Snyder did create a half-hour animated version which he included alongside the movie's "Ultimate Cut." Sadly, Snyder never got to return to the world of the Watchmen after his 2009 movie, and with his reported firing from the DCEU, don't expect him to be littering any more Justice League movies with Easter eggs from the gritty world of the Watchmen and their vigilante justice.

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