Justice League Vs Teen Titans: Who Wins?

Justice League Vs Teen Titans is a 2016 animated adventure that places the two superhero teams at odds, but who wins the battle?

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Animated adventure Justice League Vs Teen Titans features both superhero teams facing off against a powerful demon - and against one another. The Justice League was originally dubbed the Justice Society Of America in the comics and was founded by members like Jay Garrick's Flash and Alan Scott's Green Lantern. Since then, the Justice League has featured any number of iconic heroes in its line-up, from Wonder Woman to Batman and Superman.

The group has had mixed luck with live-action; the first attempt was the famously dreadful Justice League Of America TV pilot in the late 1990s, and later for the 2017 DCEU Justice League movie. A number of production issues contributed to making that superhero blockbuster a disappointment to many. The Teen Titans, on the other hand, is a team consisting mostly of superhero sidekicks, with the group's line-up typically consisting of Robin, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy. The team stars in the popular Teen Titans Go! animated series and they made their live-action debut in the Titans TV series.

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Justice League Vs Teen Titans is a 2016 adventure that's part of the DC Animated Movie Universe; Justice League Dark and Suicide Squad: Hell To Pay share the same continuity. Justice League Vs Teen Titans finds a demon named Trigon attempting to escape from Hell. Trigon's minions first possess Superman and the demon slowly possesses other members of the Justice League. Teen Titans' Raven is also Trigon's daughter and the one who imprisoned him, which leads to the team fightng off demons to keep her safe.

Robin, Starfire, Blue Beetle, Raven and Beast Boy in Justice League vs. Teen Titans

The main battle in Justice League Vs Teen Titans has the League - consisting of Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg - coming to take Raven away. The Titans - made up of Damian Wayne's Robin, Raven, Beast Boy, and Blue Beetle - refuse to let them, only for the League to become possessed by Trigon's minions. A quick-thinking Batman injects himself with a toxic to render himself unconscious, meaning he can't be taken over. The fight itself is enjoyable if disappointingly short, and the possessed League quickly overpower the Teen Titans in battle.

Raven ultimately saves their lives by surrendering and Trigon's minions take her away. While the Titans may have lost the battle, they eventually free the possessed League members and literally go to Hell to save Raven and stop Trigon, who is given an appropriately growly voice by Punisher star Jon Bernthal. If there's a clear winner from the Justice League Vs Teen Titans fight, it would be the Justice League itself, but since they were possessed at the time, they kind of had an unfair advantage. Plus, if it wasn't for the actions of the Titans, the planet would have been doomed, which even the League acknowledge. Justice League Vs Teen Titans is an entertaining entry in the DC Animated Movie Universe, if somewhat forgettable.

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