Justice League vs. Teen Titans Release Date & Blu-ray Details Revealed

DC animated feature film Justice League vs. Teen Titans will hit Blu-ray this April, with different versions and an exclusive Robin figure included.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans Blu-ray art and details

TNT may have ultimately said no (for now) to a live-action Teen Titans series, but the characters continue to fare well in the animated medium that's always welcomed them. The latest venture to feature the youthful DC heroes is Justice League vs. Teen Titans, a new entry in the comic giant's expansive run of animated features released directly to DVD/Blu-ray.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans (as the title implies) pit the Titans against their adult counterparts in the Justice League and classic Titans foe Trigon in an animated facsimile of DC's "New 52" continuity - a comic book continuity which may or may not be about to end on the comics side. Additional DVD and Blu-ray details have now been released for the feature, which is now formally slated to arrive around mid-April.

The anticipated animated feature, direct by Sam Liu from a screenplay by Bryan Q. Miller and Alan Burnett, will be available in separate DVD-only and Blu-ray combo packs. In addition, the studio is also releasing a limited collector's edition of the Blu-ray version of Justice League vs. Teen Titans in numbered, limited-quantity sets. This collector's version will also feature an exclusive figure of Damian Wayne, who appears in the film as the current Robin. All three versions will be released on April 12, but digital-only versions will be available for download earlier on March 29th.

You can check out the official Justice League vs. Teen Titans Blu-ray cover art, below:

Justice League vs. Teen Titans Blu-ray artwork

In the film, Damian (the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul) is ordered to train with the Teen Titans after his propensity for violence endangers the success of a Justice League mission. Though he and the other young heroes do no trust one another, they must set their differences aside when Trigon - the demonic entity who also happens to be Titans veteran Raven's father - returns to Earth and enslaves the Leaguers via mind-control. Despite being severely outmatched in terms of powers and experience, the Titans aim to even the odds via Damian's knowledge of Batman's anti-superpower contingency plans. Here is the film's official voice cast:

The voice cast for Justice League vs. Teen Titans includes several actors reprising their recent Justice League roles – Jason O’Mara (Complications, Terra Nova) as Batman, Jerry O’Connell (Crossing Jordan, Stand By Me) as Superman, Rosario Dawson (Sin City, Rent) as Wonder Woman, Shemar Moore (Criminal Minds) as Cyborg and Christopher Gorham (Covert Affairs, Ugly Betty) as Flash. Sean Maher (Firefly/Serenity, Batman: Bad Blood) also returns as Nightwing, as does Stuart Allan (Batman vs. Robin) as Robin/Damian. Making their Teen Titans voiceover debuts are Taissa Farmiga (American Horror Story, Wicked City) as Raven, Jake T. Austin (Wizards of Waverly Place, The Fosters) as Blue Beetle, Brandon Soo Hoo (Tropic Thunder, From Dusk Til Dawn: The Series) as Beast Boy and Kari Wahlgren (Phineas and Ferb, Legion of Superheroes) as Starfire. Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead, Daredevil) takes the villainous center stage as Trigon.

This marks the fourth appearance of Damian Wayne in the DC animated features, having previously been the focus of Son of Batman, Batman vs. Robin, and Batman: Bad Blood. The character originated in the comics in a controversial 1980s storyline that was only recently re-established as part of the official DC continuity.

Justice Leage Vs Teen Titans DC Comics

Originally created in The Brave & The Bold in 1964 as a "junior league" made up of adult superhero sidekicks, the Teen Titans found renewed readership in the 1980s as a revamped team featuring primarily original characters and an older version of original Robin, Dick Grayson. The series has continued in one form or another throughout the decades, and gained even greater popularity in the early 2000s through an enormously popular Cartoon Network series that has since itself been revived in comedy-focused form as Teen Titans Go; something that has been popular though controversial among fans of the more dramatically-focused original version.

Ironically, the DC animated films have thus far been heavily criticized in the opposite direction: for focusing on dark versions of the popular heroes in keeping with the New 52 aesthetic, which continues to be met with mixed reception by longtime fans. It remains to be seen whether this new feature-length movie version of the young heroes will satisfy Titans' fans desires for a return to more serious storytelling, or meet the same critiques of taking DC heroes in an overly gritty direction.

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Justice League vs. Teen Titans hits Blu-ray on April 12, 2016.

Source: DC Entertainment

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