Why The Justice League Would Beat The Avengers

In the battle of the gods, find out why the Hulk, Iron Man, and the Avengers will get outclassed by Batman, Superman, and the Justice League.

JLA Justice League Avengers Crossover Comic

When Justice League drops later this year, we will know exactly how it measures against The Avengers.

Today, however, box office receipts and Rotten Tomatoes scores are meaningless. We’re talking about the power dynamics of the two legendary teams that defend the home turf of DC Comics and Marvel. What happens when you put Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman opposite the Hulk, Thor, and Captain America?

As they say in the myriad “who would win?” threads, it all depends on who’s writing the script. Fair play, but if we take a look at the individual strengths of each superhero, it’s clear who emerges victorious. The Justice League has a deeper bench of talent, a more diverse set of heroes, greater experience in the line of fire, and this guy named Clark Kent.

There’s more to the story, so here are The 15 Reasons The Justice League Would Beat The Avengers:

15 Their Darker Origins Are A Huge Advantage

Justice League Trailer Cyborg Crying

If the Avengers were forced to take on the Justice League, it would be nothing short of a doomsday scenario. That’s good news for the motley crew from DC Comics. As Bane might say, they were born in the darkness and molded by it. Batman’s childhood was an emotional hell and Superman survived the extinction of his people, but almost all of the Justice League members have equally tragic beginnings.

Diana Prince has seemingly lived a thousand lives and continually watched her loved ones die of both natural and violent causes. Victor Stone suffered monstrous attacks and awoke to find his prodigiously athletic frame replaced by chunks of metal. That’s a horrific scenario that has no equal on the Avengers. From Spider-Man to Captain America, these metahuman boosters are gifts, not curses. Even the Hulk, perhaps the most tragic figure on the team, sees more good than harm from his all green upgrades.

Dark origins don’t necessarily make the Justice League better than the Marvel counterparts, but it certainly gives them the edge in the heat of battle.

14 They’ve Trained Against Worthy Villains

It’s not a question of strength as much as style. The Avengers and their solo fighters have certainly encountered all manner of earthly and intergalactic goons throughout their career. Though they have demonstrated incredible physical prowess in their fights, the Avengers would have a tougher time against the primary villains of The Justice League. The DC Comics rogues gallery is as nasty and diverse as they come.

On the ground level, you have freaks like the Joker – villains who specialize in theatricality, gamesmanship, and chicanery. This requires the cunning intelligence of Batman to keep the team above water. Then, there is the WrestleMania class of villains led by monsters like Doomsday. Superman made the ultimate sacrifice just to put that mad dog down for good. Finally, there are the cosmically dangerous baddies like Darkseid, the sort that demand the total attention of every member of the Justice League.

If The Avengers’ villains are equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree in Fist-Fighting, the Justice League have a Ph.D. in Global Defense. You can be sure that level of experience will be a major factor in the final showdown.

13 They Have A More Defined Hierarchy

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The Justice League is not unlike the United Nations Security Council. Though each member is powerful in their own right, a select few are nigh unstoppable. Superman is without question the most fearsome fighter on the squad, but his humility allows the League to operate like a well-oiled machine. He even empowers Batman (arguably the moral spine of the team) with a sliver of Kryptonite as a failsafe should he ever lose control. Though the Justice League is not without instances of infighting, envy, and mistrust, it’s built on a solid foundation of respect and order. They know who’s in charge and continually keep the peace. Even in times of dissent, they maintain an air of diplomacy

While The Avengers bear the American pride of Steve Rogers and the bank account of Tony Stark, it lacks the organizational structure of the Justice League. Though Marvel’s finest certainly know how to exploit each other’s strengths in the line of fire, they will be eclipsed by the Justice League’s big picture approach to battle.

12 The Avengers Lack Powerhouse Fighters

The cover of West Coast Avengers #1

Taken in total, The Avengers are not to be threatened. Armed with the hammer of Thor, Peter Parker’s webs, and Iron Man’s suits, the possibilities are endless for Marvel’s main team. When you pick apart their marquee players and separate them from one another, however, the cracks start to show. The fact remains: The Avengers don’t have enough powerhouse fighters to match the Justice League. Yes, they have a Hulk, but he’s best in short bursts and when kept at arm’s length from the Man of Tomorrow. Outside of Ol’ Jade Jaws, you’re looking at Black Panther, Hawkeye, Falcon, Black Widow, and other superheroes who will fade like daylight in a turf war against the Justice League.

When you have a legitimate warrior princess in Wonder Woman, a god-like alien with limitless strength in Superman, and a billionaire brawling tactician in Batman, it’s hard to look at The Avengers with any sort of fear. Sure, Scarlet Witch could hex the hell out of the League, and Captain America would pose some problems, but nobody from Marvel’s main office has the gift for unhinged combat like the Justice League.

11 They Don't Assemble. They Unite.

Justice League movie wallpaper

Without kicking off an MCU vs. DCEU grudge match, the defining slogans for both teams must be assessed. Call it semantics, pettiness, or boredom, but there’s a chasmic difference between “Assemble” and “Unite.” For starters, the Justice League existed in comics long before the Avengers. They didn’t have a catchphrase, nor even need one to justify their existence. When Marvel realized they needed a metahuman tag-team of their own, they drafted the Avengers and gave them a defining slogan: “Assemble!” It proved a fun, albeit casual avenue to put their most popular and colorful characters in a single comics panel.

The Justice League is different. They don’t align because they want to. They do it because they don’t have a choice. Just look at the latest Justice League trailer and the prominent conversation about leaders: “They said the age of heroes would never come again,” Diana posits before Bruce Wayne responds, “It has to.” The Justice League doesn’t just assemble. They unite. And in the world of superheroes, that makes all the difference.

10 Martian Manhunter Is The Wildcard

Martian Manhunter Powers Grow

Superman often gets credit for being the top dog, but the Justice League has an equally powerful alien in its midst. Martian Manhunter is the vastly underrated fighter with an even greater array of physical powers and abilities than the Man of Steel. Beyond his game-changing super-strength, Manhunter can fly, regenerate, and even blast energy beams from his eyes. Most importantly, J’onn J’onzz’s biggest advantage is his ability to shapeshift. This means he can effortlessly move through objects and become entirely invisible at will. Martian Manhunter may not be the most famous member of the Justice League, but according to Superman himself, he’s the “most powerful being on Earth.”

This spells trouble for The Avengers. Standing side by side, the Man of Steel and Martian Manhunter basically sound the death knell for anyone standing in their way. So long as The Avengers don’t figure out that fire is J’onn J’onzz’s undoing, they’ll be in for a world of hurt.

9 They're Richer Than The Avengers

Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman

Ah, the money card. Beyond box office numbers, wealth matters in the superhero world. While the combined resources of The Avengers and the Justice League would make a dent in the global GWP, it’s DC’s squad that ultimately contributes more. Bruce Wayne is the obvious sugar daddy and the billionaire majority shareholder of his own company. There’s Oliver Queen, who not only sits atop his own multi-billion dollar venture but frequently gives hefty sums of money to benefit the Justice League. Aquaman has amassed quite a fortune in the high seas, and as he explained in the New 52, there is over $60 billion in shipwrecked treasure at his disposal. Finally, there’s Wonder Woman, the Amazonian princess with access to legendary amounts of wealth.

The Avengers, of course, have Tony Stark’s success to back them up, plus Black Panther’s insane national wealth, but their combined resources and net worth can’t compete with the diversified strengths of the Justice League.

8 Superman Handles Hulk

The Hulk’s primary advantage is his ability to lose control. His anger accesses a berserker rage that would leave most superheroes crying uncle. Superman is one of the few fighters who could handle the Green Giant without dying in the process, and in each of their three recorded crossovers in Marvel/DC history, the Man of Steel has unsurprisingly been victorious. The reasoning is clear: what value does the Hulk have when he can’t compete with Superman’s speed? In a one-on-one fight, Kal-El would quickly wear out Jade Jaws, like Manny Pacquiao against Floyd Mayweather’s draining routine. An uppercut from the Hulk would undoubtedly throw Superman for a loop, but his ungodly reflexes should defend him from almost any counterattacks the Hulk can muster. Even if Superman were caught, the Hulk would get zapped by his enemy’s heat vision and lose all momentum.

Considering his penchant for peace, and his hesitancy to ever access the depth of his powers, Superman would ultimately forego killing the Hulk and likely blast him into a neighboring solar system. That could lead to another World War Hulk scenario, but that's a problem for another day.

7 Actually...Superman Takes All

Justice League: More Than Just DC's Avengers

In a battle against the Avengers, the Hulk would only be the title fight. After dispatching Ol’ Jade Jaws, Superman would methodically lay waste to the rest of the Marvel team before they could even bid each other farewell. Flying at the speed of light, the Man of Steel would steadily dismantle Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, and anyone else who dared to stick around. It would end so quickly that if fans paid to watch, they would demand a refund. A properly enraged Superman would essentially turn The Avengers into the Ronda Rousey of the superhero world.

Though they have a deep bench, the Avengers have few fighters that could withstand more than a second of contact against the Man of Steel. Thor and Hulk are the only ones who even have a shot at survival, while everyone from Iron Man to Black Widow would be instantly killed by Superman’s insurmountable strength and speed.

6 Flash Bests Quicksilver

In a one-on-one battle, Flash would wipe the floor with Quicksilver. No matter which version you choose of the legendary speedster, he’s guaranteed to run laps around the fastest man in the Marvel Universe. Assuming both metahumans have full access to their enhanced strengths, the Flash would tap into the Speed Force and exceed the speed of light, while Quicksilver might near the sound barrier. In more technical terms, Barry Allen sees objects fly past him in an “attosecond.” This translates into a straight up embarrassment for Quicksilver, who remains so outclassed by the Flash that he would never even see him.

Speed aside, Barry Allen has received hand-to-hand combat training by not only Jay Garrick but by the leaders of the Justice League. Batman and Superman have personally taught the Flash how to punch above his weight. In addition to thinking fast and moving faster, Barry Allen can duke out his enemies with a surprising amount of force.

5 Aquaman Rules 70% Of The Planet (And Then Some)

He might not be able to take down the whole team, but Aquaman would present a major problem for The Avengers. Not only can he hold his own on land (as the new Justice League seems keen to showcase), but he rules the roost in his aquatic lair. That gives Arthur Curry the leg up on 70% of Earth’s surface area. When in water, he can swim over 6,000 miles per hour, see in total darkness, and use his telepathic powers to communicate with all manner of marine life. This gives him the potential to set killer whales and sharks on his foes.

Not unlike Superman’s enhanced powers on Earth, Aquaman is arguably even stronger on land. He has been known to lift buildings, beat Deathstroke, and even nearly choke out the Batman himself. When armed with his nearly unbreakable trident, he can turn enemies into a kebab and summon lightning like Thor. It’s not hard to see why Aquaman would make The Avengers a little uneasy.

4 Green Lantern's Power Ring

Green Lantern Hal Jordan

Armed with a power ring, Hal Jordan can pick apart The Avengers like fish in a barrel. Arguments about his overpowered abilities are totally valid, because all Green Lantern needs to wreak havoc on Stan Lee’s A-team is a potent imagination and an iron will. He could not only create a hammer to flatten the Hulk, but he could atomize ‘Ol Jade Jaws if he so desired. Should none of these options appeal to him, Green Lantern can also take advantage of the “pocket dimension” and literally trap the Hulk inside the universe of his ring (as Abin Sur once did to a malevolent sorcerer).

Call it unfair, repetitive, or even boring. However you slice it, Green Lantern wears the ruby slippers of the superhero world. He may not be physically unbeatable, but his power ring is truly unlimited in nature. This gives him the drop in not only his one-on-one matchups, but against the Avengers as a whole.

3 Batman Outsmarts Captain America

It has been said that Batman and Captain America are the most evenly matched fighters in the Justice League/Avengers showdown. Though they are both brawlers in their own right, Bruce Wayne and Steve Rogers have less in common than you think. On the surface, Captain America has this fight in the bag. Amped on super soldier serum, he carries a Vibranium shield that serves as the ultimate offensive and defensive weapon. Batman, on the other hand, is merely a wealthy mortal with high-tech toys and a keen understanding of the art of war.

But that's all he needs. With ample prep time, Batman would counter Cap’s advantages and run him into the ground. While Steve Rogers is known for his patriotism and bravery, the Dark Knight is known for his intelligence and his cunning. In addition to marshaling the Justice League as a whole, Batman’s stealth and strategy will reveal Captain America’s vulnerabilities and find him wanting. By the time the Caped Crusader landed the final blow, he would have figured out 5 different ways to take down the rest of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

2 Wonder Woman Breaks Thor

Wonder Woman Wields Thor's Hammer

However exciting the other matchups may be, Thor vs. Wonder Woman would undoubtedly be the sickest fight of all to watch. It’s the closest thing to Ragnarok in all of comics, pitting the son of Odin against the reincarnated God of War and daughter of Zeus. While a hammer-wielding Thor is no idle threat, he would hardly stand a chance against the woman who may be the most powerful fighter in comics. Indeed, Diana Prince is the all-in-one supreme goddess filled with the powers and abilities of Mount Olympus’ finest. She not only inherits the physical prowess of her deific ancestors, but gains their wisdom and intelligence, too (traits that were largely left out of Thor’s DNA).

Considering how much older her ancient people are than the Asgardians, Wonder Woman brings centuries of additional combat experience to the table. She capitalizes on her history by wielding a set of weapons that outclass Thor’s whack-a-mole hammer. Ultimately, it would be a fight for the ages, but Wonder Woman would eclipse Thor and affirm her value in the Justice League.

1 Each of the Seven Are Willing to Die

Superman Batman Dead

In the age of heroes, there is great glory in death. Rest assured, members of the Justice League have died many, many times. Though the Avengers are not without their moments of sacrifice, the JL squad have a distinguished history of falling in the line of fire. Batman famously got blasted by Darkseid’s omega beams, getting burnt to a crisp and (briefly) dying before getting catapulted through time and space. Superman gave the last full measure in his final showdown against Doomsday. The Flash literally ran himself to death to keep the world from imploding. The Anti-Monitor (a popular DC comics hero killer) reversed the clocks on Wonder Woman and dissolved her from existence. Hal Jordan sacrificed himself to literally restart the sun. The list goes on, and on, and on.

Nothing is more intimidating than fighting heroes who are unafraid and willing to die. The Avengers can put up their best fight, but they’ll never outmatch the sheer will of the Justice League.


What other advantages does the Justice League have over the Avengers? Do you think Earth's Mightiest Heroes would come out on top against DC's finest? Let us know in the comments!

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