Justice League VFX Reel Reveals Batman & Flash Secrets

A Justice League visual effects reel has arrived online, allowing fans to see behind the curtain of the DC team-up movie. The film arrived in cinemas earlier this month after a troubled production, which saw the film’s original director Zack Snyder depart the project because of a family tragedy. The Avengers' helmsman Joss Whedon stepped in to rewrite the script and reshoot some scenes. The resultant film earned a disappointing critical reception and the DC Extended Universe's lowest domestic box office opening weekend so far.

Many have pointed the finger of blame at Joss Whedon’s reshoots, which seem to account for more than “15-20%” of the film, as fans were previously led to believe. The film’s mismatched tone – jumping between Snyder’s epic tendencies and Whedon’s classic quips –  is one factor that has aggravated a fair few film fans. A petition has been launched, perhaps somewhat ambitiously, asking for Warner Bros and DC to release a Zack Snyder Justice League director’s cut.

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Many have criticised the special effects in the film, too, with the movie's underwhelming third act lacking any sort of realism or stakes. But this VFX reel doesn’t relate to Justice League’s weightless action scenes or weird red skies. It’s all about the user interfaces seen in the film, which were handled by a creative agency called Blind Ltd.

Batman The Flash

User interface design might not be something that you think much about while watching a movie, but it was clearly an integral background element in a lot of Justice League’s scenes. The reel contains shots of Barry Allen’s lab PCs, Cyborg’s various bits of in-built coding, the Batcave computer, the onboard tech of Batman’s vehicles, and even a few glimpses of STAR Labs’ data files. There is also a 3D scan of the statue that Wonder Woman was working on at the start of the film. Blind Ltd. clearly did a lot of work on the Justice League film, and it’s hard to nitpick any flaws in it.

Sadly, other elements of Justice League lacked the consistency of Blind Ltd.’s user interface work. Various CGI moments in the film looked a lot less finished than these graphics. Perhaps Warner Bros should have pushed the film back and tried to complete the special effects and even out the tone. If they had, this film might not have been so divisive.

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Source: Blind Ltd.

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