Justice League Toy Offers Best Look At Steppenwolf

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New toys for Justice League have just provided the best look so far at Steppenwolf's design. Warner Bros. has been teasing the arrival of Darkseid's army since the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but it will actually be his lieutenant and uncle Steppenwolf who fills the role of main villain in this year's team up. While the film already has two trailers out, no shots have so far been provided of his look. The studio has teased his design in a deleted scene to BvS, and have since cast Ciarán Hinds in the role.

Since his casting, fans have continued to wonder whether or not his final look will more closely resemble the CGI version teased in BvS or if it will be updated to allow Hinds' to completely embody the role. Previous LEGO leaks (that have since been removed) hinted at the latter, but this new look confirms it. And it looks good.

Batman-News has exclusively revealed a look at Steppenwolf's design in Justice League courtesy of a new toy stumbled upon by one of their readers. Packaged with a Ben Affleck Batman figure, Steppenwolf's design incorporates a largely human look, but also features some abnormalities to his skull. Even though his bald head can be seen in the packaging, his signature helmet is also included.


Just like many of the other iconic characters that have so far been introduced to the DCEU, Steppenwolf's design is both updated to fit this world while still harkening back to the source material and his comic attire. The helmet is a key figure in the design, but so is the decision to keep the design of his face largely humanoid.

It could've been easy for the studio to make a design shift that makes him largely CG, but now we know at the very least most of Hinds' actual performance will be visible. It is also important to note the height difference between he and Batman. Affleck is no small man, but if Steppenwolf is towering over him, then he should have no problem doing the same to other members of the Justice League.

Throughout his career, Hinds has proven himself time and time again to be a supreme talent in Hollywood, and there is plenty of reason to believe he will make the most out of this role. He's previously described his version of Steppenwolf as a tired soldier just looking to get free from Darkseid's reign, and the ability to see Hinds' face and emotions naturally should only further help. With toys now beginning to surface of his look, it may be only a matter of time before his full live-action is shown.

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Source: Batman-News

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