Justice League: Crisis Video Game Rumor is Very Exciting (or Totally Fake)

The latest rumors suggest that Rocksteady is working on a Justice Leauge video game instead of a Superman standalone. Rocksteady was behind the acclaimed Arkham trilogy, and since the final game in 2015, reports have suggested that the studio will focus on the Man of Steel instead of the Dark Knight.

Despite the Arkham games getting bigger each time, it's amazing to think that players only got to explore an open-world Gotham City. A poster of Superman teased a trip to Metropolis in a possible sequel, but the latest leaks claim that Gotham, Metropolis, Keystone, and a whole host of other DC cities, will be part of Rocksteady's next game.

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According to a post that originated on 4chan (via ComicBook), Rocksteady is currently working on Justice League: Crisis and aiming for a 2019 reveal. Focusing on the early days of the team, Justice League: Crisis will apparently include Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Wally West's Flash, Hal Jordan's Green Lantern, and Cyborg.

Starro Arkham Knight easter egg

As for the big bag, the post highlights the unusual choice of Starro. Continuing Rocksteady's trend of sewing seeds early, fans may remember that Starro was featured as an Easter egg in Arkham Knight's "Batgirl: A Matter of Family" DLC. Excitingly, Justice League: Crisis would be an episodic game that leans heavily on DLC content. Although Starro it tipped to be the villain of the main story, enemies like Darkseid and Brainiac would be scheduled for their own DLCs.

The junior status of the League means that Diana Prince is still in Thymescira, Superman isn't protecting the world yet, and Batman is an urban legend who is still confined to Gotham City. Despite all of this, Justice League: Crisis could still pick up the story after the events of Batman: Arkham Knight. The original post claims that Justice League: Crisis is a possible title alongside other options, such as Justice League: New Crisis and Justice League: Infinite Crisis, and that the game will debut on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Scarlett, and PC. The gameplay will be similar to the Arkham games in terms of combat but will be more refined for the members of the League that can fly. As a much more expansive open-world experience, each individual city will be bigger than the sprawling Gotham seen in Arkham Knight. 

News that developers are working on a superhero-inspired AAA game should come as no surprise after a series of recent job postings hinted that a huge Rocksteady project is on its way. The company was criticized for not appearing at the likes of this year's E3, while Rocksteady co-founder Sefton Hill promised that their next game will be announced when it's ready. It's interesting to note that Warner Bros. owns the domain "" and that it was updated in 2018, but someone on Reddit claims it's related to an old project. There is plenty of detail that suggests there is more to the story than just wild hearsay, but until Rocksteady makes an official announcement, take the news with a pinch of salt. Whether it's a Superman game, a Justice League game, or even another Batman entry, it sounds like Rocksteady is working on something big.

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Source: ComicBook, Reddit

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