Justice League Photos Tease Pre-Cyborg Victor Stone

Zack Snyder shares new Justice League behind-the-scenes photos showcasing Victor Stone's football playing days before he became Cyborg.

New Justice League behind-the-scenes snaps highlight Victor Stone's past life before he became the team's  resident tech manipulator, Cyborg. As promised, Zack Snyder continues to treat fans with a slew of never-before-seen photos from the production days of the film leading up to its big release in three weeks.

As we all look forward to the team-up of DC's biggest superheroes on the big screen, Warner Bros. steadily amps up the anticipation for the movie with several marketing materials that include cool motion posters and weekly character highlights. As for Snyder's part, the filmmaker has been posting production photos from the film, giving us a sense of just how much elaborate he and his team was to create the much-anticipated ensemble flick.


In his latest social media update on Vero (via Batman News), Snyder has shared a trio of photos centering on Victor and his old days of playing football. The scene being shot at that time appears to be the life-changing injury the athlete suffered during an intense game that nearly left him dead and ultimately unable to play the sport that he loves forever. It was only thanks to the Mother boxes used to cybernetically reconstruct him that he is able to get back on his feet and have a new sense of purpose. Snyder's son, Eli, who plays football in real life, was also present during that specific filming date to act as an unofficial scene advisor to his dad, proving how adamant the filmmaker was to make sure that each shot was as realistic as possible. Check out the photos below:

[vn_gallery name="Justice League Football Game BTS Images" id="1098358"]

Cyborg and actor Ray Fisher have been getting a lot of press lately as Warners pushes him at the forefront of their current marketing scheme. Just earlier today, a motion poster of the actor morphing into his superhero alter-ego was released. A couple of days ago, new images from the film highlight him, alongside Wonder Woman -- the two's respective character weeks have been rolled into one so wait for more details and snaps of the duo in the next several days.

Since stepping out of the project due to personal tragedy, Snyder has been mostly hands-off with the film -- relegating directing duties to Joss Whedon, who overlooked the reshoots the film underwent in the summer. Having said that, the 51-year-old continues to support the project from the sidelines with various social media updates. And while he won't do press for Justice League (despite the fact that he is still credited as the sole director), we can expect that he will be relentless in promoting the film via other means.


Source: Zack Snyder's Vero (via Batman News)

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