Wonder Woman Needs Cyborg In Justice League Promo

Cyborg gets recruited to join the team in a new Justice League TV spot. We have seen how Batman hunted down and asked the help of both Aquaman and The Flash in previously released promo clips for Warner Bros. first superhero ensemble flick, but we have yet to see how Victor Stone was roped into the gig as one of the members of the newly established squad. As it turns out, unlike the other two newbies, the former football star was courted by none other than the Amazonian Goddess, Wonder Woman. Unfortunately, despite Diana's charm and sincerity, convincing him to sign up for the League was no walk in the park.

With Superman (presumably) gone, the Earth is left vulnerable without its protector. Batman realizes the predicament that the world is in, and motivated by his nightmare in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, takes it upon himself to pick-up the mantle that the Man of Steel left. He may be no powerful alien, but Bruce's resourcefulness and with ended up with the idea of assembling a team of special skilled beings to take over safeguarding humanity duties. The Bat of Gotham, however, must act quick as a new powerful adversary in supervillain Steppenwolf is already on his way with his army of Parademons in tow.


The fresh clip posted on the movie's official Facebook page centers heavily on Cyborg and his place in the team. Arguably the lesser known in the group, he was cybernetically reconstructed by his father after a deadly accident during a football game with the use of a Motherbox, which is the MacGuffin of Justice League's narrative. Despite the apparatus saving his life, he is repulsive at the thought of being half-human and half-machine, which is why it seems like he is reluctant about joining the League. But in what looks like a desperate plea for help, Diana reaches out to him one more time telling him that no one else can do what he can, and we can all probably presume that at that point he is finally sold on the idea of working with the other heroes. Check out the bit below.

It is actually clever to make Cyborg this pivotal in the overall story of Justice League given his direct ties to a motherbox. This way, he does not get lost in the shuffle among the bevy of arguably more known DC heroes. Additionally, the idea that he is the only one in the team who does not have a hidden identity makes for an interesting angle in presenting his personal struggles as an individual who is different compared to other people. Much of the other characters struggle outside of fighting villains is to preserve the secrecy regarding their powerful alter-egos, and with Stone not having to deal with that opens brand new opportunities to build his life outside of being a superhero.

We're finally down to a couple of days of waiting for Justice League to officially arrive. The film's big world premiere in Los Angeles took place last night and buzz from the people who were lucky enough to see it early has been generally positive so far, hyping fans further for its official release. Luckily, it won't be long before everybody else can see the movie themselves and have their own opinions about it.


Source: Justice League Official Facebook

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