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Despite the fact that Wonder Woman hits theaters before Justice League does, right now, all the attention is on the DCEU's big ensemble movie, courtesy of the release of a full trailer this weekend. The trailer comes after several trailer teasers, and finally shows everybody (except Superman) together as a single team - despite not showing the big bad that they will be going up against. Since the trailer dropped, fans have been watching and re-watching, and speculating on every little detail, from a hint at Steppenwolf to the opening battle scene of the film.

There are a lot of details packed in there to speculate on, too. The trailer was crammed with action scenes and things that fans have never seen before, and with this being DC's biggest film of the year (of the past several years, in fact), it's no surprise that the trailer created all kinds of chatter from the fans. The buzz over the trailer was so big, in fact, that it even overshadowed Marvel's two summer blockbusters.

Marvel has three films on the way this year, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in May, Spider-Man: Homecoming in July and Thor: Ragnarok in November. According to Variety, Justice League dominated social media buzz last week, sparking significantly more new conversations than either of the summer Marvel offerings. The DCEU film generated more than 201,000 new conversations (figures from media-measurement firm comScore), compared to 85,000 for Spider-Man: Homecoming and 39,000 for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

These figures put Justice League, Spider-Man and Guardians as the top three most-talked about movies of last week, with Baywatch taking fourth place (33,000 new conversations) and Ghost in the Shell taking fifth (just under 21,000 new conversations). Cumulatively, however, Spider-Man: Homecoming takes the top spot (1,232,000 total conversations), with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 sitting in third place (688,000 total conversations) and Justice League in eighth (274,000 total conversations).

It's not surprising that Justice League was the most talked-about movie last week, of course. The first full trailer for a major summer blockbuster is bound to garner attention, especially when it is a movie as anticipated as this one. In comparison, Spider-Man released some new images and teased an upcoming reveal, and Guardians revealed new international posters for the film. While these have certainly gathered their own buzz, posters and stills just don't have the same kind of impact that a full trailer does.

It's also important to remember that these figures only count the conversations about the movies, to get an idea of which are the most talked about. They do not differentiate between positive and negative attention (although some marketers would argue that any attention is positive), and there were plenty of fans who were taking to social media to criticize the Justice League trailer, as well as to praise it. That said, there can be no doubt that Justice League is going to be one of the most talked-about movies of 2017, and it is still well over half a year away!

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Source: Variety

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