Justice League's Gal Gadot Teases First Trailer Arriving 'Soon'

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Last year was a big year for the DC Extended Universe, as both Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad made their way to theaters. 2017, however, has the potential to be even more monumental. Not only is Wonder Woman positioned as Warner Bros.' big summer tentpole, the studio also has the first live-action Justice League film on tap for release this fall. Though the divisive Zack Snyder is once again behind the camera, fans are optimistic the team-up movie can reverse the franchise's fortunes and be a bona fide hit. The trailer shown at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 was well-received, generating a fair amount of excitement.

Since then, the marketing campaign has consisted mainly of still images depicting the various heroes in action, and moviegoers are starting to grow impatient as they wait for another preview. Word is the next trailer could debut in the spring, and now Wonder Woman herself is promising more footage will be here before you know it.

Gal Gadot shared her Super Bowl spot with Jason Statham on her Facebook page (hat tip Heroic Hollywood), and responded to a comment from a fan wishing a new Justice League trailer was here. Saying only, "Haha, soon!" the actress assured her followers more from Snyder's latest is right around the corner. As for when that will be is anyone's guess.

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While Justice League is WB's biggest release of the year, Wonder Woman is arguably the larger priority right now. Patty Jenkins' film hits theaters in less than four months, and even though there are two trailers for that movie online already, there's still time for one final marketing push before Wonder Woman's theatrical premiere. Many are greatly anticipating Diana Prince's first solo vehicle, but just about anything from Justice League could potentially overshadow it. It's for similar reasons Disney did not release any promotional materials for Star Wars: The Last Jedi in the lead-up to Rogue One. With Wonder Woman being the next film on the schedule, most of the attention has to go there.

Moviegoers would understandably like to see more of what Snyder has in store, especially after the early set visit reports highlighted WB's apparent course correction to right the wrongs of the previous films. Still, it's worth keeping in mind that Justice League doesn't come out until November and awareness for that film is already quite high. The studio wouldn't have all that much to gain from dropping another Justice League trailer right now, and it's better if they bide their time and wait for the proper moment. Regardless, WB will begin marketing Justice League in full force soon, which is thrilling in its own way.

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