Justice League: Mera Toy Displays Aquatic Powers

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A new set of collectible figures revealed at SDCC this weekend include a Mera figure showing off her aquatic powers. Justice League has a huge presence at the massive pop-culture convention this weekend, unsurprisingly, with it being the next big offering from the DCEU. It's also the first real look at the DCEU's Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and his wife Mera (Amber Heard), ahead of his solo movie next year (although he had his official debut in Batman V Superman).

As a result, the convention floor at SDCC heavily features the Justice League and Aquaman characters, with costumes, new toys, and even the Batmobile prominently on display. Fans can expect more news and potentially some new footage at the DC panel later this weekend, but for now, the DC displays alone are a source of excitement, including a new Mera action figure that shows off some of her powers.

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The figurine is part of a collection that includes many of the Justice League heroes; in addition to Mera, there are figures for Batman, Superman, Cyborg, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Flash, as well as a Parademon. Mera's figure shows her in the costume and crown that has already been revealed, but also includes water shooting from her right hand.

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These powers are going to be very familiar to comic book fans, who are used to seeing Mera manipulate water in a huge number of ways. In the comics, she can control water to use as shields or weapons, to blast enemies, and even to manipulate huge bodies of water to the extent that she can (with great effort) hold back the tide.

While DC fans have so far seen some great shots of Heard in costume as Mera, including one of her with Momoa's Aquaman, not a lot has been revealed of her using her powers. One set video was released earlier this month that shows the character exploding a beer (a clear use of her powers), but this isn't on quite the same level as her using water as a weapon in the way that this figure shows.

Of course, it's no big surprise that Mera will be using her powers in her upcoming DCEU appearances. As such a big part of the character in the comics, it would be far more shocking if she didn't. However, it's still fantastic to see the character being given some more attention at SDCC, and her powers taking center stage - or center display, at least!

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