Justice League Just Disbanded the Titans

The Justice League exists to protect the comic book world from superhuman threats, and the Titans are simply making too many mistakes.

In Titans #19, the Justice League makes a shocking decision: It's time for the Titans to end. DC's "Rebirth" initiative has been a massive success, and at the heart of it is the return of Wally West. With Wally back in action, DC has relaunched the Titans comic, starring members of the original Teen Titans. It's a tremendously smart move, playing to nostalgia while facing the one-time sidekicks with terrifying threats. Now, though, the Titans have become just a little too dangerous.

The last few issues have seen the Titans torn apart. They barely came together to defeat a potentially world-ending threat - a twisted future version of Wonder Girl. The Justice League have examined the Titans' report, and come to a disturbing conclusion. While the heroes saved the day, they made far too many mistakes. What's more, the fact that the threat came from the Titans' midst has left the League deeply worried. Things could have easily worked out very differently.

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It's hard not to see the Justice League's point of view - every single one of the Titans has made horrific mistakes. None more so than Wonder Girl, who came within an inch of losing her grip on humanity when she faced her twisted future self. Donna Troi has recently learned that she is no mere Amazon, but instead is a living weapon created to destroy Wonder Woman. That discovery has shaken Donna to her core, causing her to question everything she is. And that was the moment when Donna's future self, Troia, emerged. Troia played on all Donna's fears, revealing that she had turned to the darkness after watching everyone she loved die. An immortal, she was the last of the Titans, and the pain of losing so much had turned her insane. Wonder Girl rejected this future, but the experience was heartbreaking.

Matters were made all the more complicated because Donna found herself at the heart of a love triangle, with the Flash and Arsenal falling for her. Things got so tense between Wally and Roy that they actually turned on one another during a scrap with supervillains, much to Wonder Girl's frustration.

Speaking of Flash, he's in serious trouble. Wally has used his powers a little too much, and his heart is failing under the strain. He's had to have a pacemaker installed to keep his heart beating. Realistically, Wally ought to be sitting out the heroics right now, but that's hardly his temperament. As a result, during the battle with Troia Wally's heart seemed to stop. The Titans believed him to be dead. Instead, he was briefly frozen in time. While the heroes may be delighted to see Wally alive again, they're also concerned that his super-speed powers are out of control. A speedster whose power is manipulating time, and who has next to no control of that powerset? It's impossible to underestimate how dangerous Wally is.

As for the psychic Omen, she's doubting herself more than anybody else. Omen has been using her powers to try to keep the Titans together, but ultimately she wasn't up to the task. She actually wound up going to the Titans' enemies for advice, rather than trusting her friends. Arsenal is just as shaken as anyone else. He's heartbroken over Donna's rejection, and her attraction to Wally. Meanwhile, Troia warned the ex-addict that he would die of his addictions. That future is now haunting Roy, and he's struggling to cope with it.

Things are bad for the Titans. And so the Justice League have made their decision. The League exists to protect the world - including from well-meaning heroes. The Titans have now been disbanded. Titans #19 shows the team going their own separate ways, broken and demoralized. It can't possibly end like this. How can the team come back together? The adventure begins in Titans #19, out now.

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