Justice League Tickets Are Available For Presale

Justice League tickets are now for sale, three weeks before the Warner Bros. DC tentpole opens in theaters around the globe.

Fans can now book their tickets for Justice League. Following the confirmation of the much-debated final runtime of the film, Warner Bros. has officially opened the preselling lines so people can finally secure their opening weekend passes to see the DC film next month.

Directed by Zack Snyder, Justice League sees DC's biggest superheroes team-up for the first time on the big screen in order to battle Steppenwolf - who descends on Earth, in pursuit of the powerful Motherboxes. He has an army of Parademons with him, meaning it's up to a reinvigorated Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and eventually Superman to protect the world from destruction.


Tickets for Justice League are now available to purchase online, at sites like Fandango. It was previously reported that Justice League tickets would indeed go on sale near the end of this month, so it's nice to see that claim has panned out. Tracking for Justice League is reportedly good at the moment, with the film currently projected to open with as much as $150 million during its first weekend at the domestic box office. You will also get the following exclusive Justice League poster with your purchase, should you pick up your ticket from Fandango:

As for the marketing campaign, the film is continuously being hyped up by Warner Bros. In addition to social media and TV spots, a different Justice League character is being highlighted each week - save for this week, which is shining the spotlight on both Cyborg and Wonder Woman (after The Flash and Aquaman got their weeks to themselves). Batman will presumably take center stage next, possibly followed by Superman the week after.

It's no secret that production on Justice League was far from smooth sailing. The movie was marred with various issues and setbacks - from Snyder having to pass the baton to Joss Whedon during reshoots (due to a personal tragedy) to the far more humorous "controversy" of Henry Cavill's mustache during reshoots (which he couldn't just shave off, due to his obligation to Mission: Impossible 6). Of course, at the end of the day, any such behind the scenes drama won't matter to those fans excited to see DC's most elite superheroes band together on the big screen for the first time - so long as the final movie result turned out well.


Expect to hear even more about Justice League (including, the eventual first wave of reviews) over the three weeks remaining until its theatrical release!

Source: Fandango

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