Justice League & Thor: Ragnarok Top Most Tweeted SDCC Topics

Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok were two of the most tweeted-about movie topics during the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend. The 2017 edition of the convention has now wrapped up, following a long weekend of panels, exhibitions and new looks at the upcoming movies, TV shows and more. Comic-Con, which began as a small gathering of comic book enthusiasts in a hotel in 1970, has grown into an international mega-event, attended by A-list movie stars and with buy-in from every Hollywood studio as well as their corporate parent companies.

For a lot of people unable to attend Comic-Con in person, the next-best place for following what was going on in San Diego was by logging on to Twitter. Not only did the social network feature real-time updates from those in attendance at SDCC, but most of the trailers, posters and other new looks at upcoming movies and TV shows found their way onto Twitter before long. Now, we know exactly who won Twitter during Comic-Con this year.

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Twitter has released a list of the most popular movies, TV shows, characters and celebrities that were discussed on the social network during the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con. The top movie was Justice League, followed by Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Teen Wolf was the top TV series, Dylan O’Brien the top celebrity, and Batman the top character, followed by Tony Stark and Wonder Woman.

Teen Wolf season 3 fan art

Why did Justice League and Batman win? Comic-Con saw the release of a new trailer for this November’s DCEU extravaganza (one teasing Superman's return from the dead), in addition to the official announcement of several other DCEU movies being in development (Wonder Woman 2 among them). As for Teen Wolf - and its star, Dylan O’Brien - Comic-Con saw the announcement that the MTV series, which will soon air its final season, will soon undergo a reboot as a Teen Wolf anthology series. At Comic-Con, O’Brien also gave an emotional tribute to his co-stars on the show.

Can we trust these numbers as to what was truly most tweeted about during Comic-Con? Probably, simply because they come directly from Twitter, as opposed to the sort of questionable third-party social media analysis often passed around following big events. Twitter may not have provided raw numbers, but there’s no reason to doubt the veracity of their lists. Then again, it’s worth remembering that most people in the world aren’t on Twitter, and what’s popular on Twitter doesn’t always translate into real-world success.

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Source: Twitter

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