Justice League: Superman Toy Reveals Brighter Suit Colors

Is Superman's suit getting a minor color update in Justice League? The recently unveiled Hot Toys Superman piece for Justice League certainly seems to indicate the Man of Steel's iconic suit will be tweaked, ever-so-slightly, for his return in the DCEU team-up film. Hot on the heels of the Armored Steppenwolf toy, we caught a glimpse of Hot Toys' Justice League Superman while attending a preview of San Diego Comic-Con 2017's show floor. There, Sideshow Collectibles had the Justice League Hot Toys line on display - including Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg - not to mention three mother boxes.

However, amidst cool new collectibles depicting characters that have yet to appear on the big screen, it might have been easy to overlook an official Justice League Superman piece - and a subtle update to the character's costume colors.

Check out our quick snaps of the figure (behind glass) at the Sideshow booth:

No doubt, toys aren't always a great indication of what a character will actually look like on the big screen; however, Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles are known for being extremely screen-accurate - and often include minute details that viewers would rarely even notice on the big screen. As a result, it's safe to say that the Superman piece shown at SDCC 2017 is close to how the character will appear (when he reappears) in Justice League.

Previous Man of Steel and Batman V Superman figures from Hot Toys were representative of Snyder's slightly darker aesthetic, so this piece certainly hints at a brighter variation coming in 2017.

Check out an image of the Hot Toys BvS Superman below for comparison:

That said, while the costume certainly appears brighter in the figure (especially the blue and yellow sections), why the figure's suit looks brighter still leaves some room for speculation: could the suit simply appear brighter because prior appearances by Cavill in the Superman suit were darkened via Snyder's use of color correction in Man of Steel and Batman V Superman? Alternatively, could Warner Bros. have encouraged the filmmaker to portray Superman in brighter colors after complaints that previous appearances were too "dark" to befit the Superman character?

While skeptics might cite studio pressure, there's also a strong possibility that Snyder always intended to brighten the suit up - given that the filmmaker has repeatedly suggested that the events of Man of Steel and Batman V Superman would set the stage for Superman to emerge as a more "hopeful" version of the hero.

To that end, it's certainly possible that should Superman reappear in Justice League with a noticeably brighter color to the Supersuit, the change could be representative of a larger shift Superman will make in the DCEU - away from the tortured version that has divided DC fans toward something a little less grim but still a natural evolution of the character's journey within the DCEU.

Now, for the big question: Is this the only suit Superman will wear in the film? Could Hot Toys be holding back the iconic black and white Resurrection Suit from the comics? We've heard no official confirmation that suit is in the film but it's hard to imagine Snyder (and now Whedon) wouldn't be tempted to include it - even if only briefly.

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