Justice League Parody Teaser Reveals Superman's Role

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With all this excitement over the DCEU's hero team-up coming in the form of new posters and Justice League trailer teasers, there's one hero who's left out in the cold: Superman himself. Thankfully, one Man of Steel fan has taken it upon themselves to give Superman a teaser of his own, every bit as thrilling and entertaining as his colleagues' - and infinitely funnier. It may not be the glorious "return" of Superman that fans were hoping for, but it will more than do in the meantime.

Fans can keep hoping that the Justice League website really is teasing Superman's place in the marketing and second trailer coming soon, even if it does seem too good to be true that Snyder and Warner Bros. would reveal his return already. It's not exactly a secret that Superman didn't really die at the hands of Doomsday in Batman V Superman, or that he's been on set filming as part of the JL production. But even if fans know that he will return, the questions of how, when, why, and the immediate impact would seem best left answered in the film itself.

How fortunate, then, that we have YouTube user 'LitZippo' taking on the task of inserting the last footage captured of Superman in Dawn of Justice. Sure, occupying a coffin isn't as thrilling as Aquaman parting the seas, Bruce Wayne battling Parademons with the Batmobile, a glimpse of how Ezra Miller's Flash is different from The CW's, or a look at the movie version of Cyborg. But, c'mon... Superman is totally in there. And absolutely, 100% positively not dead. Do we know what that fistful of dirt levitating off of the wood signifies? Not at all. But it means something, and sooner or later an answer will be given.

The comic book fans will be more eager to explain that what's happening is some form of Kryptonian regeneration. At least, that's what brought Superman back to the land of the living in the DC Comics version of the story. Thankfully, Zack Snyder decided not to repeat the exact move by DC, who angered many fans when they revealed that "The Death of Superman" was never a death at all. It was merely a sleep allowing other heroes to emerge in his place. By showing that some kind of energy was surrounding Clark Kent's body at the end of the film, that suspense was erased, and fans got to do what they wanted to anyway: look forward to Superman's resurrection.

We're all expecting to see exactly that in Justice League, and possibly just in time to take down the Apokoliptian villain, Steppenwolf who will be launching a first attack on Earth at Darkseid's command. The idea is that Darkseid will be following in a future DCEU film, which is a good thing for the League - since they'll definitely need Superman to win that fight. For our part, we're hoping that Superman's return in Justice League will carry the momentum of Wonder Woman's story of rebirth and hope. Ideally, that would require something a bit more substantial than this teaser.

While we wait for an official Superman-themed teaser (or hope the real thing actually is as cryptic and secretive as this version) we'll just be hoping that Superman's adventures lead him out of Kansas sooner rather than later.

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