Superman Joins The Justice League In New Set Photo

Superman is finally back in a brand new Justice League set photo. The premise of the upcoming DC epic maintains that the Son of Krypton is dead after sacrificing himself to contain Doomsday towards the end of  Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and without him to protect the world from any threats, Batman decides to pick up the mantle that his newfound friend once had, starting by recruiting a group of special individuals who can help him fend off new supervillain, Steppenwolf.

It's not like Warner Bors. has tried very hard to hide the fact that Superman will eventually rise from the grave (Batman V Superman even teased it). Having said that, they continue to operate on the notion that he is not part of the movie, with Cavill barely in any marketing for it. The film studio is also doing a good job of keep the specifics of his return close to the chest, resulting to fans coming up with their own theories as to how exactly the character will re-emerge and join the team. One of the most popular in the pool of speculations suggests that the Man of Steel will return with a brand new look - sporting his infamous black suit.


This new set photo, courtesy of Reddit user DCEUjunkie, which gives us our first look at Cavill's character on the set of the movie, shows the actor wearing Superman's signature red and blue ensemble. The snap features the principal cast of Justice League together with some of the pivotal personalities behind it, such as director Zack Snyder, executive producer Chuck Roven and DC Films' head honcho, Geoff Johns. The group poses in front of green screen panels, implying that it was taken in the soundstage where the movie was filmed, and from the looks of it, it could very well be a principal photography wrap-up celebratory pic.

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This does not definitively mean that we won't be seeing Cavill donning Superman's darker garb, especially when the actor continuously teases fans on the possibility further fueling rumors. Adding to the pile of clues leading to the possibility, we have also spotted Justice League tie-in merchandise several weeks ago that perpetuates the idea the film will indeed feature the superhero sporting the black suit. Outside of the aesthetic change, the potential costume switch gives us an inkling on the character's personal arc as it is usually associated with the Kryptonian taking a more ruthless and darker persona.

It won't be long before we finally find all about the mystery regarding Superman's resurrection (as well as other questions we have for the film in general) with only several days left before the movie finally hits theaters. The cast is currently busy promoting the flick, doing countless press rounds in an effort to draw more attention to it and basing on the project's box office tracking, Warner Bros.' marketing machine is doing its job well as Justice League can pocket as much as $120 million on its opening weekend.


Source: Reddit

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