Geoff Johns Hypes Superman's Role in Justice League

Prolific DC comics writer and major DCEU figurehead Geoff Johns took to Twitter today to tease Superman's role in Zack Snyder's Justice League - suggesting that the best is still to come from the Man of Steel. Henry Cavill has cut a divisive figure as Clark Kent, with plenty of criticism levelled at the Tudors actor for his 'wooden' acting and an apparent inability to portray the inherent warmth of Superman. Many assumed that there would be a level of course correction following the character's death at the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justicewith his inevitable rebirth resulting in a 'true' vision of the iconic character.

True or not, it certainly seems that audiences are in store for an epic Kryptonian return in Justice League, with Geoff Johns suggesting that the ensemble movie contains one of the best DCEU Superman moments to date.

Geoff Johns - the Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics - retweeted an article listing the five best Superman moments of the DCEU so far. He added to that with the claim that it's almost time to revise the list, indicating more good stuff is to come.

Get ready to revise your list.

— Geoff Johns (@geoffjohns) June 9, 2017

Superman has been notoriously absent from much of the promotional material for Justice League thus far, with mere glimpses of the character appearing in promotional art and merchandise. Henry Cavill's return to the red cape has been no secret however, with initial rumors suggesting that the character could return as a dark variant before inevitably teaming up with the rest of the Justice League by the third act of the movie.

After the inordinate success of Patty Jenkins's Wonder Womanhowever, DC execs might be doubly reconsidering their approach to Kal-El, who was recently called a 'parallel' of the Amazonian Princess Diana. The earnest WW1 epic recently sailed on a wave of critical acclaim to over $300 million at the worldwide box office, with DC execs apparently stunned at the movie's success, and hopeful of carrying it through to their other properties.

Zack Snyder's version of the Man of Steel has been hauled up for criticism for the overtly gritty approach and apparent disdain for collateral damage, but the list that Johns retweeted pointed out five of the character's more poignant moments - from his excised scenes in the extended version of Batman v Superman to the very first flight scene in Man of Steel. Johns' comment could align with earlier suggestions that Justice League features a much more rounded and conscientious Superman, with a less bombastic approach coming to the fore.

This, of course, just a single cryptic comment from a screenwriter with a vested interest in the project, so take his opinion with a grain of salt. Yet there does seem to a be a noticeable shift in the DCEU, with some of Diana's optimism shedding a much-needed light in the CGI-saturated world of Batman and Superman. Much is riding on Justice League, with DC's entire future slate hinging on the movie's success, but for once there's a sense of hope surrounding the franchise. Perhaps Superman will finally grow into his family's sigil.

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Source: Geoff Johns

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