Is This An Image of Black Suit Superman in Justice League? [Updated]

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Henry Cavill made his debut as a struggling Clark Kent on the path to take up the family seal and be Superman in 2013's Man of Steel. The film as a whole began a trend of mixed reception to not just what is now called the DC Extended Universe, but to the portrayal of Cavill's Superman. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice looked to change that by having him show just how far he would go to save the world, even if it put him in the face of danger. Unfortunately for him, that immediate danger was Doomsday and in his successful efforts to defeat him, died in the process. Well, that's what the DCEU is lead to believe.

Audiences, however, got a glimpse of the dirt rising off his casket, teasing Superman will be back again. In fact, he has already been confirmed to appear in Justice League, despite him being completely absent from the marketing - such as the trailer or a recently released roster photo. Fans have continued to speculate if Cavill will don the black Superman suit from "The Death of Superman" storyline, and a new leaked photo may provide us with the first look.

CinemasComics (via Screen Geek) has uncovered a new photo starting to make its way across the internet showing a rather blurry Cavill standing in the black suit with a city backdrop behind him. Based on the lack of credible sourcing of the photo, this does not definitively prove he will be in the black suit, and if he is, this is not definitively what it will look like. Frankly, most of Cavill's promotional poses as Superman have been in a similar stance, so the blurriness of this image could be the creator's way of covering up the fact it is a fake. Still, it is impossible to say whether it's real or not at this point.

ATENCIÓN ATENCIÓN!!!! Posible primer vistazo a #Superman #HenryCavill en #JusticeLeague con el #Blacksuit. No sabemos la autenticidad aún.

— LaFortaleza (@LaFortalezaSole) January 20, 2017

UPDATE: Umberto Gonzalez (aka El Mayimbe) of The Wrap reports the image is fake:


— Umberto Gonzalez (@elmayimbe) January 21, 2017

If (and that's a big if) this is the first look at Superman's black suit in Justice League, fans of the comics should be pleased to see it is in fact going to be included. Details regarding Superman's role have not been revealed, so it is still unconfirmed whether or not he will be wearing the suit. If we take this photo as proof that he is, then it will be interesting to see how director Zack Snyder incorporates the comic storyline within Justice League and explains how he gets the suit, and presumably a new blue and red version as well.

Of course, this image could very well fake, but it's not the first sign that the black suit may be making an appearance. Cavill himself previously teased the appearance of the suit, but even his Instagram photo, it could've been an earlier version of his real suit that was not yet finished or a mock up design that did not require the colors. The potential for a new suit has also seen fans in the past have created their own versions of Cavill in the black suit - albeit with a mullet. It is clear that people want to see Cavill in the black suit and this photo could very well be the first look at him in it. But, for now, this is still unconfirmed and will likely remain that way until the film's release.

Source: CinemasComics [via Screen Geek]

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