Henry Cavill Keeps Teasing Fans With Idea of Superman's Black Suit

Henry Cavill talks about possibly wearing Superman's black suit in Justice League. Finally joining the rest of the cast of the upcoming DC movie after being basically sidelined in all promotional material and activities, the English actor is now able to give his two cents about the mysteries that surround the Man of Steel's supposed death and eventual resurrection. This includes persistent speculation of the black suit potentially making its big screen debut via the Zack Snyder-directed project.

By now, almost everybody knows Superman will appear in Justice League one way or another. The tease of the dirt lifting off the coffin at the end of Batman V Superman was proof a return was imminent. Given this, interest regarding the character's resurrection has already shifted towards theorizing how he will come back from the grave, and one of the most popular rumors out there is that he'll return wearing the infamous black suit -- an indication of having a change of heart and allegiance.


Speaking with Miami's WSVN-TV's Chris Van Vliet during Justice League's press tour stop in London, Cavill was asked regarding the cryptic social media update that he posted back in August that appears to be Superman's black suit"That's exactly how it appears. I mean, it appears to be a black suit, right," coyly said when the interviewer attempted to get a confirmation that he will indeed sport the darker fight suit.

Henry Cavill as Superman in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

This particular theory has driven fans frantic over the last few months. Several items of tie-in merchandise for the ensemble flick appeared to be perpetuating the idea, further fueling the rumor but, obviously, it has not been confirmed by WB yet. In retrospect, it's not really a bad scenario, especially if it effectively sets up Superman's eventual return to the good side. It's also a great parallel in terms of the character's overall arc in the franchise. Many weren't thrilled with his characterization in Batman V Superman, with some fans feeling it was a departure from his traditional standing as a beacon of hope. Giving him a good redemption story in Justice League makes his return all the more impactful and emotional. It also gets fans invested once again in his future adventures in the film series.

As previously mentioned, we won't have to wait for long to find out how Superman re-emerges and if he does sport his black suit in Justice League. However it is, fans should be ready for an emotional come back for the Last Son of Krypton as the movie's composer, Danny Elfman, has previously teased of a poignant sequence centering on the character.


Source: Chris Van Vliet

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