Justice League Apparel Teasing Black Superman Suit in Justice League?

New Justice League apparel offers another hint that Superman's black suit will appear in the DC cinematic universe movie. The universe - unofficially called the DC Extended Universe - originally began in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel in 2013, but truly launched with his 2016 followup, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Across both movies, Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) underwent the process of transforming from an alien refugee from the planet Krypton to the superhero known as Superman. Of course, that particular arc seemingly came to an end when Superman was killed by Doomsday in the final act of Batman V Superman.

Although Superman had a public memorial service and Clark a much smaller funeral, the resurrection of the Man of Steel was teased in a brief shot at the very end of Batman V Superman - so Superman's return in Justice League won't surprise many fans. Still, Warner Bros. has kept the Last Son of Krypton out of the studio's major marketing push for the team-up film. That hasn't stopped fans from speculating how Clark Kent will return and whether he'll wear Superman's black suit from the comics when he does. Now, some Justice League tie-in merchandise seems to further hint at the appearance of Superman's black armor.

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SuperHeroStuff listed a "Superman Black Armor Justice League 39Thirty Fitted Hat" that has inspired speculation about whether it indicates the black suit will indeed appear in Justice League. According to the product listing, the hat is inspired by Superman's comic book suit, but goes on to speculate the costume could appear in Justice League:

In the film Justice League, it seems Superman's cinematic resurrection will parallel the hit comic story, considering he returns in a stylish black costume soon after a very tense fight with Doomsday.

This listing, however, seems to be operating on rumor and speculation as much as anything else and shouldn't be taken as official confirmation Superman will don his black armor in Justice League. As the listing points out - and as many fans have previously pointed out - Superman's arc in the DCEU resembles the character's storyline in the comics in which he wears the black suit after being resurrected. But film adaptations of comic book storylines are often changed and Justice League is already tasked with continuing the arcs of Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) as well as officially introducing Aquaman (Jason Momoa), The Flash (Ezra Miller), and Cyborg (Ray Fisher).

That's not to say it's entirely out of the realm of possibility that Superman will wear his black armor from the comics. Considering how popular the suit is among DC Comics fans, it's unlikely director Snyder never thought about including the armor - Cavill himself even teased Superman's black suit. Still, Superman's return and how he'll be resurrected is arguably the aspect of Justice League that Warner Bros' is keeping most tightly under wraps - so it's likely we won't get confirmation either way about the black suit until much closer to the film's premiere.

Still, the final trailer for Justice League will drop soon and if Warner Bros. does plan on teasing Superman's return prior to the film's debut, that's when it would happen. If the trailer does tease Superman, it may also include a hint at what suit he'll be wearing - but that remains to be seen. Until Justice League debuts, fans can continue to speculate about whether Superman will don his black armor or not.

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Source: SuperHeroStuff

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