Justice League: Superman & Alfred Deleted Scene Confirmed

Justice League has finally arrived on home video, and it features a deleted scene between Superman and Alfred Pennyworth, confirming a long-held fan theory. In the wake of the film's underwhelming critical and commercial performance, hopes remained high for Justice League's release on digital and Blu-ray, which teased "bonus scenes not seen in theaters." Fans may not have gotten all that they bargained for in that department, though the release does indeed follow through on its promise. Kind of.

The home entertainment release for Justice League only contains two deleted scenes, both of which star the newly resurrected Superman. The first -- a sequence that sees Clark Kent walking through the DCEU's Fortress of Solitude and reveals Supes' infamous black suit -- actually made its way online last week. The second snippet of bonus footage is the full scene between the Man of Steel and Alfred within the hallowed halls of the Batcave, an inclusion we predicted a few weeks back.

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This second sequence presumably takes place after the deleted Fortress of Solitude scene and before Superman heads off to join the Justice League in the final fight against Steppenwolf. "I'm assuming you're Alfred," says the Man of Steel as he strolls into Batman's lair while Alfred is working on a car. "Master Kent," the butler replies. "He said you’d come. Now let’s hope you’re not too late.” The scene, which was first glimpsed at the end of the Comic Con trailer, doesn't have much more to it, though it does at least clarify that Alfred was speaking to Superman and not a Green Lantern, as some fans had previously speculated.

All around, this scene provides a nice transition between Superman's Smallville conversation with Lois Lane and his arrival at the final confrontation with Steppenwolf. As it stands in the theatrical version, Supes' journey from 'confused in a cornfield' to 'fully-formed hero ready to save the day' feels very abrupt.

Of course, the real problem lies with the digital release of Justice League itself. Even if fans weren't underwhelmed by the limited amount of bonus content made available (they almost certainly were), many digital formats didn't actually include the deleted scenes in their release. We're not entirely sure if that's a bug that's being worked out or an intentional exclusion, but either way, DCEU fans can't be too happy with their purchase as of now. It's possible that the digital releases could receive some sort of update, or that everything will be packaged into the film's Blu-ray release on March 13th. It remains to be seen if fans won't have given up on this one altogether by then, however -- barring a confirmed Snyder Cut, that is.

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