Making Steppenwolf Feature is a Reminder of Justice League's Missed Potential

A new Justice League featurette takes fans behind the scenes to see the process of making Steppenwolf. Mo-capped and voice performed by Ciaran Hinds, the villain's descent to Earth was the driving force for Bruce Wayne/Batman and Diana Prince/Wonder Woman to assemble a group of meta-humans that could help safeguard humanity from the alien foe and his legion of Parademons. But what was poised to be a powerful and imposing villain disappointed many when he barely showcased his capabilities - not to mention his horrendous CGI.

It's been months since Justice League's release, but it remains a hot topic for comic book fans everywhere. Tipped to launch DC's own premier team of superheroes on the big screen, there was so much anticipation for the film (especially after Wonder Woman's smashing success the summer prior). But marred by several controversies from the director switch, reports of too much studio meddling and rushed post-production, the final product didn't turn out to be what most people hoped for. It's currently the lowest grossing movie in the DCEU when it could've easily been a $1 billion movie club member.

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A featurette from Justice League (via Flashback FilmMaking) puts the spotlight on the making of the film's big bad, Steppenwolf, highlighting the discord between the version of the antagonist that Hinds and the rest were talking about and the one that made an appearance in the film. With how much Geoff Johns and Dan DiDio referenced the New Gods and Darkseid (granted that it's tied to the character), it's clear that Steppenwolf is the first step towards the introduction of his nephew and the bigger world they belong to. Sure, a New Gods movie is on the way with Ava DuVernay directing, but chances are that this wasn't the original way DC Films was going to introduce the cosmic beings - especially when Snyder's Justice League Part 2 was meant to officially introduce the tyrant from Apokolips.

Hinds didn't join the film's multi-city press tour, so fans didn't really get to know what he thought of his role in Justice League. Prior to the film's release, he sounded stoked about his villainous gig and even spoke of his interesting dynamic with his nephew, Darkseid. His comments following the movie's roll-out, however, could not be any more different with reports that he's unhappy with how his character was depicted in the final cut of the movie.

Considering how much of Justice League was changed after Snyder stepped down and Joss Whedon stepped in for the extensive reshoots and post-production, it's possible that Steppenwolf would've been more fleshed out in the original cut than in the final film. This new featurette is proof that the creative team behind the project had a solid vision of what the villain was supposed to be - terrifying and all powerful. And it's unclear if the problem was translating the concept into the big screen, or he was simply cast aside when the flick was reworked. Nonetheless, the bottom line is he's an unworthy opponent for the League.

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Source: Warner Bros. (via Flashback FilmMaking/YouTube)

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