Joss Whedon Likes Tweet Bashing Justice League Villain

Justice League reshoot director Joss Whedon receives criticism from DC fans after he liked a tweet bashing the film's main villain, Steppenwolf.

If Joss Whedon's sudden franchise switch from Marvel to DC isn't controversial enough, the Avengers' filmmaker finds himself in hot water again after people spotted him liking a social media post criticizing Justice League's villain, Steppenwolf. WB's superhero ensemble flick is only a day from debuting in the United States, but reviews for the film has already been out since embargo was lifted earlier this week. While the blockbuster is generally a step in the right direction in DC's franchise building, it has some glaring problems, one of which is the flick's big bad, who many thought was an unworthy opponent to the League. It did not help that the CG-heavy character did not look as imposing as he should have had on the big screen.

Much of the fandom's uproar against Whedon comes from the fact that he actually worked on Justice League. He took over directorial duties when Zack Snyder had to step away from the project due to personal tragedy. The movie's producer Charles Roven even shared that around 15-20% of it was reworked by Whedon. Despite this, the 53-year-old did not get directorial credit (that solely went to  Snyder) while he received a writing nod alongside original writer, Chris Terrio.


In a new article by Digital Spy, Whedon apparently liked a tweet from writer Joanna Robinson who expressed her disappointment on the Ciarán Hinds-voiced and mo-capped villain likening him to Thor: The Dark World's villain, Malekith the Accursed who is known to be the worst MCU villain in its 17-film history. This did not go unnoticed by DC fans who immediately reacted to the post and started criticizing Whedon for allegedly double-crossing Justice League and DC Films.

It is important to put it out there that Whedon is an active Twitter user. In fact, he has used the social media platform to express his opinions with regard to politics and social issues, and of course about the film industry, be it by retweeting, liking or writing up a tweet himself. So the filmmaker knows his way around the website. Having said that, it is also possible that he only accidentally liked the Steppenwolf-bashing tweet while he was sifting through Justice League online reactions, which have populated the internet since the embargo was lifted. It's also possible that he could've intentionally liked it in a sarcastic way. Either way, we won't know until Whedon actually comes out and explain what happened.

Whedon is still tasked to bring DC Film's upcoming Batgirl project to life, which he will be both direct and write, but with a community as vocal as the aforementioned superhero franchise, he might need to win the fandom over first before he can get the usual solid backing they give their directors and actors.


Source: Digital Spy

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