Justice League: Steppenwolf Actor Teases 'Old, Tired' Villain

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Justice League's actor Ciaran Hinds talks the character's mindset and connection to DCEU villain Darkseid. Warner Bros. is quickly approaching the start of their 2017 DCEU slate. Wonder Woman may be up first, but Justice League has already started to take some of the spotlight, reminding everyone that they will get to see the super powered group of DC heroes together for the first time on the big screen.

To ring in this new era for WB, the creative team behind the DCEU had to find a threat large enough to warrant all of these heroes gathering. Darkseid is the looming threat that will hang over the movie – and may even appear, but not speak – but Justice League will actually pit the newly formed team against his uncle, Steppenwolf.

Ciaran Hinds will be the one to bring the New God to life via motion-capture, but when it comes to what exactly Steppenwolf is after in Justice League, his complete plan and motives have not been revealed. As he has yet to appear in any of the marketing, that is understandable, but thanks to an interview with Independent, Hinds teased what fans can expect.

He’s old, tired, still trying to get out of his own enslavement to Darkseid, [but] he has to keep on this line to try and take over worlds.

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It appears that Snyder and WB will not have Steppenwolf serving as a willing commander in Darkseid’s army, but instead being a fellow slave to the ruler of Apokolips. This could prove to be an intriguing angle for the character when the League presumably is on the verge of beating him. Could Steppenwolf possibly sell out his nephew to save his own life? It is possible in theory, but that could be a rather weak way for a powerful villain such as Steppenwolf to go out.

Even though Steppenwolf may not necessarily fully support his latest assignment, he will continue to be a loyal servant to Darkseid. Their mission is to reclaim the three Mother Boxes left on Earth, and Darkseid has enlisted an army of Parademons to Steppenwolf’s command to make this possible.

The beginning of this quest may have glimpsed in the newest trailer, as what appears to be the opening of the film highlights the war for Earth and the Mother Boxes. If Steppenwolf is a part of this battle as well and loses, there will likely be severe consequences should he once again return to Darkseid empty-handed. With Justice League initially set to be two parts, the end of this film should give the heroes a victory, but a short lived one potentially if Darkseid decides to take matters into his own hands next time.

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Source: Independent

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