Justice League: Wikipedia Debates Deleting Page About the Snyder Cut

Wikipedia members debate whether or not the existence of a separate page for the Justice League Snyder Cut is justified. It's no secret that Zack Snyder's final DC film has a convoluted history. Before it even got into production, it underwent rewrites to take into consideration the negative response to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. While Snyder finished principal photography, he had to step down from the gig due to a personal tragedy - paving the way for Joss Whedon to do another round of rewrites, helm the extensive reshoots, and assemble the movie's theatrical version. Shortly after Justice League's release, it became clear that it was significantly changed from Snyder's vision.

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This gave birth to the Release The Snyder Cut movement, asking Warner Bros. to release the original cut of the movie with Junkie XL's (the initial composer before Danny Elfman stepped in) score. It's been almost two years since the petition was launched, and while the studio remains mum on the matter, the campaign is thriving. It made its presence known during this year's San Diego Comic-Con, with billboards and various other advertisements seen near the venue. Back online, the much-discussed Snyder Cut of Justice League is currently involved in a debate on Wikipedia.

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A separate Wikipedia page for the various iterations of Justice League is at the center of an argument between users Fezmar9 and Gargus-SCP. Fezmar9 created the well-researched page in question, and did the majority of its editing, although a string of other accounts have contributed to it as well. It goes through all the versions of Justice League - from the original narrative written by Snyder and Chris Terrio to the fan-made Justice League Black Suit edition, and Gargus-SCP thinks it's just a little too much. Read their reasoning on why this page should be taken down below:

The page goes into such excessive detail on every tiny aspect of Zack Snyder's Justice League and its process in reaching theaters that it seems unlikely to interest or meaningfully inform anyone except dedicated fans of the director's work who are heavily invested in seeing the "Snyder Cut" released. In fact, it also seems unlikely this subject rises to the standards of notability for such a minutely detailed article, and largely exists so it can be shared in celebration that Wikipedia thinks the Snyder Cut notable enough to deserve such a lengthy article. Smacks of fan bias at every turn

Fezmar9 made his own case about why they should keep it, explaining that Gargus-SCP's accusation against him is unsubstantiated, adding that he "neutrally added information whether it was positive or negative." He also reasoned that " if you feel it contains any biases, wouldn't it be easier to just adjust the language you feel is biased than delete the whole article?" For context, Fezmar9 has been actively editing Wikipedia pages since 2005, and according to him, he doesn't want to be associated with the Release The Snyder Cut movement. Gargus-SCP, on the other hand, is a new account that was made the same day the deletion petition started.

The separate Justice League page is packed with information ranging from changes made to the script and the supposed plan for its sequels, making it a good online source for those who wish to learn about how the project evolved through the years. It fits well with Wikipedia's core purpose of being an online encyclopedia. If there are some rough spots that people deem need polishing to paint a clearer picture of its topic, then improvements should be made - not total deletion. As of now, the discussion continues with no definitive decision, with a handful of other people weighing in on whether to keep or delete it.

Update: the original version of this article stated Fezmar9 has been editing Wikipedia since 2007. It has been updated for accuracy.

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