Justice League Rumor: Snyder Is Working On Own Cut Without Warner Bros.

Original Justice League director Zack Snyder is rumored to have been working on his own cut of the film for some time without Warner Bros. Snyder left the production after principal photography had wrapped, but before reshoots began. As a result, Warner Bros. hired director Josh Whedon for the Justice League reshoots. When Justice League hit theaters last fall, one of the biggest talking points became figuring out which parts of the movie came from Snyder's cut and which derived from Whedon's reshoots. While it's unclear exactly how much of the film was ultimately shot by each director, one of the common criticisms of Justice League was that it didn't feel like a complete vision for either filmmaker.

Since then, fans of Justice League's original director have been calling for Warner Bros. to #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. Based on reports of early test screenings for the DC movie, Snyder did have a complete cut of Justice League at one point. This cut would have been re-edited to include footage from Whedon's reshoots, and became the theatrically released movie. As of yet though, there has been no official confirmation from Warner Bros. that a Snyder cut of the movie exists, nor any indication the studio plans to release one at any point in the future. Still, Snyder may have been working to complete his vision of Justice League without the studio.

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In a new piece published by Revenge of the Fans editor-in-chief Marco-Francisco Robles, he discusses everything we already know about the Justice League Snyder cut and includes newly reported rumors. Robles writes that it's possible Snyder has been working on his own cut of the movie without Warner Bros. for some time, tweaking his rough cut and getting it closer to a completed movie. Further, Robles' relays that Snyder is getting close to officially announcing his cut exists by way of a trailer, but the director's having discussions with Warner Bros. about it - and it seems the studio may not want the cut released. (Snyder would need Warner Bros' approval before releasing anything.)

As with all rumors, it's best to take this latest tidbit regarding the Justice League Snyder cut with a pinch of salt. It's possible Snyder hasn't been working on his own cut of the movie, and has long since washed his hands of the project. However, there is a great deal that may back up these rumors. Snyder is active on the social media app Vero, where he regularly answers fan questions about his DC Comics movies - Man of Steel, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League - which may indicate he's still thinking about his vision for these characters despite not being actively, officially involved in any current project. Further, the director often posts behind-the-scenes photos from the project, or images from scenes we know didn't appear in the theatrical cut of Justice League.

Of course, Snyder's enthusiasm for the universe he exited more than a year ago could be chalked up to his love of the comic book characters. Now that he's not as involved in Warner Bros' DC movie franchise, perhaps he's interacting more as a fan than anything else. Considering how enthusiastic fans of the movies have been, and their continued push for Warner Bros. to release a Snyder cut, it's clear the director's films inspire a great deal of passion - both for viewers and himself. But whether Snyder's passion will translate into the director releasing his own Justice League cut, after working on it on his own time, remains to be seen. And whether Warner Bros. will allow a Justice League Snyder cut to be released is another matter entirely.

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Source: Revenge of the Fans

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