Justice League Stunt Team Posts Snyder Cut Fight Choreography Video

Justice League's stunt team reveals the Snyder Cut's original fight choreography in a newly released stunt vis to support Snyder's original vision.

After the Snyder Cut of Justice League became a trending sensation this weekend, more and more voices are joining the call to see Zack Snyder's original version of the movie, and the Justice League stunt team just joined the call by releasing an epic behind the scenes stunt vis video.

It's been two years since the theatrical cut of Justice League bombed in theaters, but the cries for Warner Bros. to release the Snyder Cut have only gotten more intense, with Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck now officially siding with Zack Snyder and numerous other members of the cast and crew.

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Justice League saw numerous changes from conception to screen, many of them intended to tone down Zack Snyder's typically darker and more violent approach, and a new stunt vis provided to Screen Rant by Justice League stunt coordinator/choreographer Freddy Bouciegues highlights the intense action fans could have expected if Snyder's original vision had been fully realized. Bouciegues also posted a lower resolution version to his Instagram where he credits all the impressive stunt performers in the video.

A number of things are readily apparent in this video, from shots of the Justice League fighting Steppenwolf to the ancient history lesson battle, and even glimpses of the choreography for pre-Cyborg Victor Stone's football game we've glimpsed in trailers and other leaked images. There's even a moment during one fight shown where one performer has his arms in tubes and is behind another, seemingly simulating a 4-armed Cyborg as seen in concept art.

The blood pumping montage is preceded by Snyder's "All the Gods" artwork from a t-shirt he designed for a suicide prevention charity campaign, depicting his original Justice League plans, indicating that this video was prepared for a release in support of Snyder and the Snyder Cut, and not simply a behind the scenes video the crew had lying around.

Zack Snyder famously has strong support from his cast and crew for being an ever friendly and positive force on his sets and for respecting those he works with, regardless of how important they are to production, which is likely why he has such strong support in the effort to get the Snyder Cut released.

After such as strong showing this weekend, Warner Bros. reportedly claims they have no imminent plans to announce a Snyder Cut release, but with massive names like Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot officially adding their voices to the already deafening cries for a release of Snyder's original Justice League, Warner Bros. seems to have little choice but to work with Snyder to finally reach some kind of agreement on a release in theaters, home media, or HBO Max sooner rather than later.

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