Justice League: Everything Blocking The Release of Snyder's Cut

Could The Snyder Cut Just "Leak?"

One possibility some fans have discussed is whether or not the cut could just magically appear on the internet one day, leaked by Snyder or someone else that worked on the film. Obviously, there's always a chance something like that could happen, but Snyder himself isn't likely to do so. Not only would it be a low road for the director (for whom who cast and crew have only had extraordinary praise), but it would basically amount to career suicide and even have potential criminal charges associated.

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Since Synder isn't the copyright holder, releasing the cut would be considered a form of piracy, which could lead to severe fines and even jail time. The latter might be a more extreme case, but it's doubtful the release of the cut is so valuable that he'd risk jail time for it. He may have put years of his life into DC and Justice League, and seeing it released would undoubtedly be a cathartic experience, but it's not worth the legal and career repercussions.

The alternative is that someone other than Snyder leaks it anonymously, but if the cut wasn't complete when Snyder officially left production, and the work to complete it was conducted on his own, it's doubtful many people even have access, and if they do it'd be too easy to narrow down the culprit.

The Most Likely Case For the Snyder Cut

Not to make everything seem like doom and gloom for those who want to see the Snyder Cut. Snyder clearly has an interest in seeing it released, and will presumably pursue all avenues to find a way to get it out there, presuming it's completed. That means any solution would need to offer some kind of benefit to Warner Bros. while incurring minimal expense. That solution just might be streaming.

There are still a number of hurdles to overcome to get to that point, but a release on the DC Universe streaming service might be the best win-win-win scenario for Warner Bros., Zack Snyder, and fans. Warner Bros. is going to want to lure audiences into its streaming service with exclusive content, and the number of fans regularly calling for a Snyder Cut are way more in-line with numbers that would influence a TV show, not a blockbuster movie release. The movie could be properly contextualized there as an "alternate" cut to avoid audience confusion, and ideally, fans would stop causing trouble for Warner Bros. and AT&T on social media.

The whole Snyder Cut really is new and unfamiliar territory. This sort of situation has happened before, but never in such a high profile way in a larger continuity in the age of social media. People knew about Blade Runner and the Superman 2 production woes, but there was no mobilized, passionate outcry for director's cuts of those movies due to the slower spread of information and lack of fan mobilization like we have now with social media. It may seem like a long shot for the cut to get released at all, but by all accounts, it could pretty easily be released of Warner Bros. simply agreed to distribute it.

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