Justice League VFX Artist Says WB Won't Release the Snyder Cut

A VFX artist who worked on Warner Bros.' 2017 DC Comics movie, Justice League, says a Zack Snyder director's cut doesn't exist.

A Zack Snyder cut of Justice League won't happen. Warner Bros. launched their DC Comics-based universe (unofficially titled the DCEU) with Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016 - a follow-up to the filmmaker's 2013 Superman movie, Man of Steel. Although the studio doesn't employ "phases" like their Marvel Studios counterpart, their goal has always been to get to Justice League, something they've repeatedly tried to adapt onto the big screen for several years.

Unfortunately, the version that finally made it onto the silver screen suffered numerous production issues, of which the most notable was Snyder's sudden departure from the project following the death of his daughter. Principal photography had already completed, but the filmmaker reportedly wanted additional scenes filmed. And so, former Avengers director Joss Whedon was brought on to oversee post-production as well as Justice League's reshoots. The film's cast and crew attempted to assuage concerned fans by saying that Justice League is Snyder's film. And while that's certainly true to an extent, it turns out much more was changed than initially reported. As a result, fans are petitioning Warner Bros. to release an unadulterated "Snyder cut" of the film.

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A Justice League director's cut is certainly something that many people would like to see, but according to a VFX artist who worked on the film, that's simply not going to happen. The artist vehemently denied the existence of a Snyder cut, despite multiple reports to the contrary. He said on Reddit: "1000% bulls**t. As I've said, of course, there is an assembly cut Zack had going before he left, but that was 9 months ago. He himself said he hasn't touched or interfered or been a part of the process since March. There is no cut. People like this guy (who spread the rumor) are the worst, perpetuating rumors of processes they don't understand."

The r/DC_Cinematic moderators confirmed the artist's legitimacy, but it's always good to take news like this with a grain of salt even though the notion of a completed Snyder cut existing out in the world is highly unlikely. An extended cut on home video is certainly possible, but that will consist primarily of Whedon's additional scenes, not the assembly cut that was screened before Snyder exited the film. Those scenes, such as the ones that recently leaked online, contain unfinished CGI and the studio won't bankroll additional VFX work for a director's cut given the time allotted to Snyder to edit his version.

Regardless of whether or not a Snyder cut exists, over 120,000 people have already signed a petition demanding Warner Bros. produce and release a Justice League director's cut; it's something that has been publicly supported by the film's crew members, most notably by the movie's cinematographer, Fabian Wagner. What's more, Snyder himself "liked" a social media post promoting the petition. Still, only time will tell if a Justice League director's cut ever hits home video.

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Source: VFX Artist/Reddit

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