Kevin Smith Wants Warner Bros. to Release the Snyder Cut

Kevin Smith supports the campaign for Warner Bros. to release Justice League's Snyder Cut. More than a year since the release of the DC ensemble film, fans continue to petition to see its version that is only composed of director Zack Snyder's work, and now, it gets a major backer with the comic book connoisseur.

Discussions about the possible release of the Snyder Cut began not long after Justice League hit theaters after it became apparent that the filmmaker's original plans for the movie were significantly changed when Joss Whedon manned the reshoots. Despite garnering countless supporters from the fan community, Warner Bros. stayed mum on the matter, with seemingly no plans of heeding to the public's urge. Despite that, the campaign continues with even Smith voicing his support for it.

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In the latest episode of his YouTube show with Marc Bernardin, Kevin Smith talked about the controversy regarding the version of Justice League that never saw the light of day and said that he would be very interested in seeing that if only Warner Bros. would release it. Bernandin seconded his opinion and even added that he would also want to see Phil Lord and Chris Miller's cut of Solo: A Star Wars Storywhich went through a similar thing like the DC ensemble flick. Both pointed out that if those aforementioned cuts will be rolled out, studios could actually make more money on them given the public's interest.

At this point, much has already been said about the existence of Snyder Cut. People involved in the production while Snyder was still helming the project claim that the filmmaker had a full cut before he, unfortunately, had to leave due to a family tragedy. That said, it's also safe to say that most of that is raw footage without its final effects. That means that if Warner Bros. decides to roll out a Justice League Snyder Cut version, they would still have to spend more money to finish its CG work. And considering that the film was already a financial disappointment, it's understandable that the studio isn't interested in it. Then again, based on the huge clamor for the Snyder Cut, it's still possible that Warner Bros. may get their return of investment - and maybe even more if they spend extra money to satisfy their fans' wants.

If Warner Bros., however, is really adamant about not spending any more money on Justice League, what they can do is simply assemble the Snyder Cut the way it was supposed to be and roll it out. Most fans aren't that particular about the VFX, all they want is to find out how Snyder wanted his narrative to continue after he set it up in Man of Steel and then Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Perhaps Warner Bros. can even do a documentary-style project revolving around the Snyder Cut - something that fans would undoubtedly love to see as it'll finally shed light on what really went down behind-the-scenes during the film's production.

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Source:  Kevin Smith

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