Death of Superman Co-Writer Thinks WB Should Release the Snyder Cut

The campaign for the release of the 'Snyder Cut' version of Justice League has gained a new, vocal supporter: Jerry Ordway.  As a writer and an artist, Ordway has worked extensively within the world of DC over the decades. Most notably, he served as a co-writer on 'The Death of Superman', from which Justice League borrowed many elements, including Doomsday and, well, the death of Superman. The whole surprising, then-unprecedented idea of killing off the Man of Steel actually originated with Ordway, who repeatedly suggested that they kill Superman in the wake of declining sales and fans' taking the Kryptonian hero's seeming invincibility for granted.

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Zack Snyder adapted the iconic moment in Batman v Superman, the direct sequel to 2013's Man of Steel. Snyder was immediately set to follow both of those with the officially titled team-up movie. He ultimately had to step down midway into production, however, due to tragic circumstances. Directorial duties then passed to Joss Whedon (The Avengers), who helmed extensive reshoots and made numerous changes to the plot. In the wake of the film's release - and its underwhelming reception - numerous fans joined forces to call for Snyder's original version to be released. A member of that campaign recently even made and released an edited version of the Justice League's opening scene.

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Posting on his personal Twitter account, Ordway responded to the aforementioned fan-edit. Now complete with a new Lois Lane voiceover (comprised from different Amy Adams performances), the video depicts what they believe the Snyder Cut's version could have looked like. The comics writer and inker declared it "powerful" before revealing that he "would like to see a Blu-ray of this cut of the film". Comparing it to the re-creation of Richard Donner’s Superman 2, Ordway ponders what Warner Bros. has to lose by doing the same for Snyder's version of Justice League. Check out the tweet below:

As well as 'The Death of Superman', Ordway also worked on 'Crisis on Infinite Earths'. The latter is also due to receive an upcoming adaptation within the Arrowverse collection of shows. Scheduled to air over five hours, the crossover event will bring to life one of the medium's most epic and most beloved storylines, on which the writer and artist served as the inker for many issues. Fans are already eager to see which elements may or may not be adapted. When it comes to Justice League, however, a lot of fans are singularly hungry to see Snyder's version. Ordway has joined a host of others eager to see it released, including Cyborg actor Ray Fisher and the originally cast Darkseid voice actor Ray Porter.

There are conflicting reports regarding just how much of a 'Snyder Cut' exists, though storyboard artist Jay Oliva recently clarified things. Oliva's comments not only lined up with Screen Rant's break down of the real state of Snyder Cut in January of 2018 but also spurred on fan's passion to see Snyder's original vision committed to the screen. Ordway's comments are sure to add similar fuel to the fire, especially ahead of campaigners looking to step up their efforts at SDCC this year. Though the DCEU has placed more of an emphasis on standalone films, rather than team-ups, it would appear that the desire to see Snyder's version of Justice League remains as strong as ever.

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Source: Jerry Ordway/Twitter

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