Justice League: Jason Momoa Claims To Have Seen The Zack Snyder Cut

Jason Momoa as Aquaman with Zack Snyder in Justice League

Aquaman star Jason Momoa shows gratitude to Zack Snyder after the filmmaker showed him the much-clamored Snyder Cut of Justice League. While he initially tried out for the role of Batman - a gig that eventually landed in Ben Affleck's lap - the American actor still boarded the DC Universe when Snyder decided to cast him as Arthur Curry instead. Because of this, Momoa has always said that he's indebted to the director. So although Snyder is no longer a part of the Warner Bros. superhero franchise, the two remain friends, as evidenced by a new social media post.

Kicking off the DCU in 2013 via Man of Steel, Snyder followed it up with 2016's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice where Momoa made his first appearance as Aquaman. A year later, he fully debuted as the human-Atlantean hybrid in Justice League, but fans know the tumultuous production of that film led to Snyder's departure from the franchise. After finishing principal photography on the film, he had to step away from the project due to a personal tragedy. This paved the way for Joss Whedon to man extensive reshoots and assembling the theatrical cut of the film - a version that was significantly different from Snyder's original vision, hence the birth of the Release The Snyder Cut movement.

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It's been almost two years since the petition was launched, and while the studio remains mum on the matter, the campaign is thriving. Over the years, there have been debates about Justice League's Snyder Cut existence, and now, thanks to Momoa's latest Instagram post, he effectively confirms that it not only exists - it may even be good to go for release as he claims that Snyder just showed him the cut. Watch the clip below:

Most of those who have been campaigning for the release of The Snyder Cut aren't really particular about the state of the said version of Justice League. Instead, they simply want to know what Snyder's original narrative was for the film which was supposed to lead into Justice League Part 2. And since Warner Bros. doesn't seem to have any plans of moving forward with the sequel any time soon - perhaps even veering away from what the filmmaker established during his tenure in the DCU - there's a very slim chance that what he set up will eventually pay off in future movies. So while The Snyder Cut won't be accepted canon, its proponents just want to know what could've been had Snyder been allowed to fully realize his vision.

Based on Momoa's recent social media upload, it appears that Snyder has a copy of the Snyder Cut. And although he wants to heed to fan demands about its release, he's unable to considering that its technically Warner Bros. property. While the actor didn't give pertinent details about said iteration of Justice League, the fact that he was able to view it means that it might be suitable for public release - just as long as expectations are set with regard to what's in it. And since it doesn't seem likely that the movement for the roll-out of the Snyder Cut will die anytime soon, perhaps it's best just to give people what they want.

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