Justice League Snyder Cut Image Confirms Flash Would Time Travel To Save Team

Amid an ongoing spike in attention for the Justice League "Snyder Cut," Zack Snyder releases a new image of The Flash from the movie's ending.

The buzz continues to build for the Justice League "Snyder Cut," with original director Zack Snyder releasing a new image of The Flash from the movie's ending. Snyder stepped down from directing duties on Justice League after a family tragedy, with massive reshoots being implemented following his departure. The push for the release of the Justice League Snyder Cut has seen a huge jump in attention as the two-year anniversary of the film's theatrical release nears. Now, Snyder himself has added more fuel to what has become a raging inferno with a never-before-seen image of The Flash from the Snyder Cut's ending.

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Under Snyder's direction, Justice League was originally set to end with the League initially being defeated, with Barry Allen then traveling back in time to give them another shot at stopping Steppenwolf and the invasion from Apokolips. At that point, Cyborg was to enter the Mother Boxes to prevent The Unity. However, the young hero would also be confronted with the temptation to join forces with Apokolips, seeing a vision of his body restored and his parents, Silas and Elinore Stone, by his side, the former having been killed off earlier in Snyder's version.

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Snyder's post of The Flash image on Vero joins a growing pile of new images and concept art from his cut of Justice League released in the last few days. Snyder had previously released another unseen shot of Barry Allen with his girlfriend Iris West, played by Kiersey Clemons. This was soon followed by images and concept art from Jason Momoa and storyboard artist Jay Oliva also relating to the original ending. Additionally, Ray Fisher also contributed to the ongoing Snyder Cut fervor with an image of Victor Stone outside of a college dean's office from the Snyder Cut. Snyder's newest image, captioned with the words, "Miller is the flash," also seemingly solidifies his support for the actor's continued tenure as Barry Allen, with the Scarlet Speedster's long-gestating solo movie seeing Andy Muschietti board as director earlier this year.

All of the newest images from the original cut of Justice League are also part of an ongoing explosion in mainstream attention for Snyder's version of the film. While the campaign for the Snyder Cut has seen a rise in media coverage in recent months, the massive wave of prominence it is currently seeing really began following a series of interviews with Jesse Eisenberg, Junkie XL, and Momoa. All three gave varying tidbits of information regarding the Snyder Cut, with Momoa being especially vocal, reiterating his earlier confirmation to have seen Snyder's version of Justice League, while adding, "I think the public needs to see it."

At this point, there's no reason to expect the demand for the Justice League Snyder Cut's release to do anything but grow. Indeed, with more and more snippets from the movie being released online, and the increasing number of cast and crew members giving it their support, it's very clear that it is rapidly gaining momentum (to the point where even Snyder's critics want to see his version of Justice League). With the two-year mark of the theatrical debut of Justice League just days away, the renewed amount of attention the Snyder Cut is receiving is sure to increase the already ballooning interest in it finally seeing the light of day.

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